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  • smith

    what is telegram blue tick

  • sean

    good job

  • Kelly

    thank you, it was very good content

  • Trey 05

    Are users unable to verify their account?

    • Jack Ricle

      Hi Trey,
      Yes, sure!

  • Abdiel

    So useful

  • Houston

    Nice article

  • Aarave

    Is it possible to verify the telegram bot?

    • Jack Ricle

      Yes sure, Please contact us on Telegram or WhatsApp.

  • Francois

    Thanks a lot

  • Marc 779

    The article was very informative and useful

  • Kanani

    how do can I verify a person with a light blue badge? are they scammers? or legit?

    • Jack Ricle

      Hello Kanani,
      It depend on your target account.