Top 10 Telegram Crypto News Channels [2024 Updated]

Top 10 Telegram channels for crypto news

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Telegram crypto channels are where people can spend time on them and get useful information about the world in different topics and categories.

The crypto industry is growing at an incredible speed. Therefore, many investors and traders are drawn to this industry to take advantage of it.

In this article from Telegram Adviser, we have carefully compiled a list of the top 10 Telegram channels that are your gateway to everything new and noteworthy in crypto news.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a popular messaging application that has many users across the world.

It’s innovative features have led to its rapid growth over the years.

This messenger is fast and secure. Telegram channels are the most popular feature of this application.

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Why Telegram Crypto News Channels are Popular?

Telegram crypto news channels are among the most active and popular in the world.

Many reasons  have contributed to the popularity of Telegram crypto news. These reasons are:

  • Telegram crypto news channels provide the latest news and updates on the industry very fast
  • Covering all the cryptocurrencies of the world and introducing new projects
  • They are very easy to join and reading the contents is fast and easy

How to Find Telegram Crypto News Channels?

  • Search on the Google and find the best of them
  • Use websites that introduce the top Telegram channels in different categories
  • Check the Telegram Adviser website. we have many articles about this topic

Top 10 Telegram Crypto News Channels

It’s time to get to know the top 10 best channels on this field.

If you want to be aware of the latest updates and news, these Telegram channels are great and you can join them.

Binance Announcements

#1. Binance Announcements

This is one of the top news channels that covers the latest news of Binance.

It is one of the biggest and most active trade and investment platforms for cryptocurrencies.

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To know the latest about Binance, join this Telegram channel.

Coin Gape

#2. Coin Gape

This Telegram crypto channel provides the latest industry news and updates. It covers all cryptocurrencies.

That is one of the most active Telegram channels where you can get the latest news.

Binance Killers

#3. Binance Killers

“Binance Killers” is one of the best and known Telegram crypto news channels.

This Telegram channel covers the latest news of the industry and offers education about cryptocurrencies and trading.

It offers signals for the trading of cryptocurrencies.

That is one of the best features of this top Telegram crypto channel.

Telegram Crypto News Channels
Crypto News Telegram Channels

#4. Crypto VIP Signal

If you are looking for a Telegram crypto news channel that offers the latest news with analysis and insights.

“Crypto VIP” Signal is the best channel that you can join.

This channel also offers VIP services and signals for the profitable trading of different cryptocurrencies.

Whale Crypto Guide

#5. Whale Crypto Guide

Want to learn more about the crypto industry and all the cryptocurrencies besides the crypto news?

It has the latest news and updates of the industry combined with education about the industry and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Coins

#6. Crypto Coins

Learn about the different crypto coins and the latest news and information on these cryptocurrencies.

This is one of the top Telegram crypto news channels that you can join and learn about the industry.

Telegram Crypto News Channels

#7. Fed Russian Insiders

This Telegram crypto news channel covers the cryptocurrency world news and updates.

It offers an education that you can use for trading and making money in this industry.

Crypto Alex Official Bulls

#8. Crypto Alex Official Bulls

One of the famous crypto news channels, in this channel you can know about the latest news and insights you need for better decisions.

Altcoin & Bitcoin Trading

#9. Altcoin & Bitcoin Trading

If you want a great channel that not only covers the crypto news but also the industry’s latest changes and trading signals, we recommend this Telegram crypto news channel to join.

Big Pumps Binance

#10. Big Pumps Binance

Our last channel from the list of top 19 crypto news channels is about the Binance and cryptocurrencies.

This Telegram channel covers the latest news and updates on Binance and the industry.

To join this channel, you can use the link below.

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The Bottom Line

Telegram channels are the best platforms for sharing the latest news about the crypto industry.

These channels not only cover the latest crypto news and updates, but they also provide users with signals for cryptocurrency trading.

Following the above listed channels will keep you informed of the latest news and information in the crypto industry and help you make more profitable and informed investment decisions.

If you want to verify Telegram account with blue tick, Just read related article.

Please leave a comment if you know more great channels.

You can contact us for a free consultation about your Telegram channel growth.

We help you build the best of them in the world.


1. What is a Telegram crypto news channel?

It is a channel that publish latest news about crypto.

2. How to get best signal for trading?

You can find high quality signals on these channels.

3. Can I create a Telegram channel?

Yes sure! It’s so simple.

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