1. sasha says

    I got the answer to my question, thank you

  2. zedia says

    good job

  3. Tressa says

    I am having trouble scanning the telegram code, can you help me?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello Tressa,
      Please describe your order here or send that issue to support.
      Best regards

  4. Julia says

    It was useful, thank you

  5. Casee says

    Nice article

  6. Colter CR says

    So useful

  7. Gustavo T14 says

    What is the use of QR code?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      You can use the Telegram QR code to log in to your account via other devices.

  8. Otis says

    So useful

  9. Tristan tn2 says

    In which part of Telegram can I find the QR code?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      In the login page

  10. Yves says

    Thanks a lot

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