Top 10 Telegram Technology Channels

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How to find the best Telegram technology channels?

Technology today is playing a very important role in our life, as days are coming and going, technology becomes more and more important in human life.

Being aware of the latest news and updates in technology, knowing the different technologies, and how to use the best technologies for improving the quality of life are very important in today’s world.

With this importance, in this article from Telegram Adviser, we are going to speak about the top 10 best Telegram technology channels.

Why Use Telegram Technology Channels?

  • Being aware of the latest news and updates in the technology world
  • Knowing the different technologies and how to use them in your life
  • Improving your life quality through using the latest technologies
  • Learning different technologies will help you to learn new skills and find a new high-paying job like programming, AI, machine learning, and …

Top 10 Technology Channels

In this section, it’s time to get to know these channels.

Use them to be aware of the latest news and updates about different technologies, and learn how to use the best technologies for improving the quality of your life.

Tech Guide Channel

#1. Tech Guide

Tech Guide Telegram channel gives you the latest news, tips, education, and updates about different operating systems and computer-related topics.

This top Telegram technology channel is a great resource to learn and grow your knowledge about

  • android
  • IOS
  • Windows
Linuxgram Channel

#2. Linuxgram

It is one of the top Telegram channels about the Linux operating system.

If you want to learn about Linux operating system and how you can use different features of this operating system, join this channel.

AIO Setup

#3. AIO Setup

Our third choice from the list of top 10 Telegram technology channels is one of the most practical and interesting channels.

This Telegram technology channel offers full-version, pre-activated software with keys that you can download directly from your computer.

If you are looking for the best software to download for free, join the AIO Setup Telegram channel.

Hackers Hood

#4. Hackers Hood

One of the most practical and exciting top Telegram technology channels on our list.

The “Hackers Hood” channel offers you hacking software that is paid for free in diverse categories.

Find the best hacking software in this channel and download and use them for free.

It’s a great channel to improve your knowledge and skill in the world of ethical hacking.

The Art of Programming

#5. The Art Of Programming

A great Telegram channel for learning about programming.

It offers education and tips for different programming languages.

That’s a very great resource for learning programming for beginners.

Also a great channel for experienced programmers

Programming Tips

#6. Programming Tips

It is one of the top Telegram technology channels for learning:

  • Programming
  • Tips and tricks for different programming languages
  • Learning different software principles and design patterns

If you want to be an advanced programmer, this channel is a great resource for you.

Gadget News

#7. Gadget News

It is a great Telegram technology channel that offers the latest news, tips, and tricks about different gadgets including:

  • Smartphones
  • Drones
  • Phones
  • Robots
  • Other modern interesting gadgets.
Global KOS Reborn

#8. Global KOS Reborn

A great Telegram channel offering tips and tricks about hacking and software of this world.

FrontEnd Development

#9. Front End Development

This top Telegram technology channel is about front-end development.

Offering education, information, tips, and tricks for HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Vue, and Node.js, this is a great channel to learn front-end development and become a better programmer.

Computer Science & Programming

#10. Computer Science & Programming

The last channel from the list of top 10 Telegram technology channels is about AI, machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, and python programming.

For learning about AI and python programming plus being aware of the latest news and updates about the AI world, you can join this interesting channel.

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