How To Increase Telegram Subscribers Via A Private Link?

Increase Telegram Subscribers Via Private Link

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If you have a private channel on Telegram, and you want more subscribers, there is a super simple trick for getting subscribers via private links. It’s like sending out special invitations to people. But how can you create an invite link for the telegram channel or group you have? How can you increase subscribers by private link? These are the questions to be answered in this article. Stay with us.

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How to Create an Invite Link for Your Telegram Channel or Group:

Creating an invite link is as easy as pie. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open your Telegram app
  • Find the group or channel where you want more friends to join.
  • Tap on the group or channel name at the top.

Tap on the group or channel name

  • Now, tap the pencil icon at the top.

tap the pencil icon

  • Tap on “Type.”

Tap on Type

  • Make sure your channel type is set to “Private Channel” since you want to create a private link.
  • In the Invite Link section, there’s a private link.

create a private link

  • Now that you have your magical invite link, it’s time to share it with the world! Tap “Copy Link” and then paste it wherever you want – on your social media, website, or even send it through messages.

Note that you can make different links for the same channel. To do this, press the three dots icon at the corner of the link. A menu appears. Choose “Revoke link.” This will remove the old private link, so it won’t work anymore, and a new private link will be generated.

How to Share Your Invite Link with Potential Subscribers?

Now, let’s spread the word and get more members. Here’s how you can share your private link.

  • Social Media

Take your invite link to the social media and share it on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Write a little something exciting like, “Hey friends! Join my super fun Telegram channel about [your topic]!

  • Website or Blog

If you have a website or blog, make sure you put the private link there. Create a special section or a cool button saying, “Join us on Telegram!” Clicking it should take your visitors straight to your channel.

  • Email Newsletter

If you are sending out newsletters to your subscribers, include your invite link in the emails! Let them know about the cool things happening on your Telegram channel.

  • Forums or Online Communities

If you have a favorite online forum or community where people discuss cool stuff, drop your invite link there! Just make sure it’s okay with the rules of the place.

  • Direct Messaging

Send the private link directly to people through private messages, inviting them to click and join. Make sure these people are your target audience, like those who follow your competitors or have already joined their channels. It’s like giving a special invitation to the folks who are most interested in what you have to share!

Create an Invite Link for Your Telegram Channel
Create an Invite Link for Your Telegram Channel

How to Engage and Retain Your Subscribers Using Private Links:

It’s not just about getting subscribers; it’s about keeping them. So, use your invite link to create a space where everyone wants to stay, chat, and have a great time, but what can you do?

Imagine you’re hosting a cool event. People came for a reason – they want something exciting. Keep your Telegram group or channel buzzing by sharing content that your audience loves. It might be fun or tutorial videos or useful tips and tricks.

Make your subscribers engaged and active! Use your private link to invite them to polls, quizzes, contests, or giveaways. It’s like turning your group into a playground where everyone can have fun together. The more involved they are, the more likely they are to stay.

Make your subscribers feel special. Address them by their names, ask for their opinions, and let them know you appreciate them.

Keep the Conversations Alive. Ask questions, share stories, and make your group a lively place where everyone feels comfortable talking. The more active and friendly your group is, the more likely people are to stay and enjoy the company.


Now, having the private link, you’re all set to increase the number of subscribers of your Telegram channel. Just remember, it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about creating a place where everyone feels welcome. So, go ahead, and try out these tips. Good luck!

How to increase Telegram members via a Private Link

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