How To Change Ownership For Telegram Channel?

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Telegram is one of the most used application in world. This popularity has been created due to the existence of many features such as powerful servers and high security. But one of the problems for channel and group managers is transferring ownership for Telegram channel and Telegram group.

In the past to transfer ownership, managers also had to transfer their Telegram number. With new update was released for Telegram, through which Telegram channel managers and groups can change the channel’s original admins and transfer full ownership to another person.

This update made it easier for channel and group administrators to buy and sell Telegram channels without having to transfer numbers. I am Jack Ricle from Telegram Adviser team and in this article i want to show you “how to transfer ownership for Telegram channel”. stay with me and send your comments at the end of article.

This feature is suitable for when you want to buy new channel or sell your current Telegram channel. Perhaps one of the main concerns of Telegram channel admins and supergroup was that they could not change the ownership of the channel. Telegram finally added the ability to transfer ownership of the channel so that the creator could transfer their group or channel to someone else.

Topics in this article:

  • Create Telegram Channel / Group
  • Add Your Target Subscriber
  • Add New Administrator
  • Enable “Add New Admins” Option
  • Tap On “Transfer Channel Ownership” Button
  • Click “CHANGE OWNER” Button

Create Telegram Channel

Step 1: Create Telegram Channel / Group

At first you have to create Telegram channel o group. for this purpose please check related article.

Add Your Target Subscriber

Step 2: Add Your Target Subscriber

In this section find your target contact (person that you want to make him the owner) and add him in the channel or group.

Add New Administrator

Step 3: Add New Administrator

Now you can add him in admins list. for this purpose go to “Administrators” section and click on “Add Admin” button.

Enable Add New Admins

Step 4: Enable “Add New Admins” Option

Click on “Add New Admins” option and enable that. This is so easy just make sure that is enable and has blue color.

Transfer Channel Ownership

Step 5: Tap On “Transfer Channel Ownership” Button

When you enable “Add New Admins” option, New button will appear for you. Tap on “Transfer Channel Ownership” button to change the channel owner.

Change Telegram Channel Owner

Step 6: Click “CHANGE OWNER” Button

Are you sure that you want change the channel or group owner for ever? if yes, click the “CHANGE OWNER” button.

Warning! If you change the owner of the channel or group, you can no longer take it back and the owner will change forever. Just new admin can change it again and you can’t!

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  1. glim says

    what if the owner delete his account then other admin wanna take the ownership of the channel. is that possible?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello sir, no it’s not possible.

  2. Shiew says

    What if the owner has been inactive for the last 5 months and that account will self-destruct in the next 30 days, can the administrator takes over the ownership?

    1. Am says

      I have same problem
      did you get to know what to do

  3. Ikechukwu Michael says

    Followed the steps, but it doesn’t show the option to “transfer group ownership “

  4. Graham Rouse says

    The owner of a Telegram Channel & several associated Groups (2 are super Groups) wants to leave and transfer ownership to me, I am already Admin on them all. He has set up 2 Stage Verification but cannot be off of Telegram for 24 hours as he is owner & Admin on various other very active groups! How can he proceed?

  5. Sharon Kaur says

    I cannot change ownership I forgot the 2 step verification code😭😭

  6. Sobriquet Cee says

    We are attempting to change ownership – completed the two step verification a couple of weeks ago. Have tried on two devices for the past three nights but keep getting the message that we have to have completed the two step verification more than seven days ago (it’s been 14) and that we have to logged in more than 24 hours ago (it’s been well over 48 hours). What are we missing?

  7. Lavinous says

    Can you please add some option that the ownership bocome self transfered to the admin? I’ts really annoying that it does not!

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