How To Create Direct Link For Telegram Channel?

All types of links for Telegram channel and group

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How to create a direct link for Telegram channels and groups? Links are the same as virtual communication between different documents on the Internet. Telegram channels and groups also have links for themselves. So, these links can be used to refer someone from different places to the channel.

You can also create a link when you create a channel. Private links (join links) cannot be customized. But public links can be changed by the channel manager. If it has not been taken by someone else before.

I would like to examine the different types of links in the Telegram channel and group, including the public link and private link. I am Jack Ricle from Telegram Adviser website.

Channels usually have two types of links, A Private link is given to each channel and it is mandatory. But the public link in the case that the channel is public and anyone can join and the channel manager can determine it. Topics in this article:

  • Telegram Private Link
  • Telegram Public Link
  • How Can I Use Telegram Direct Links?
  • Direct Link To Telegram Channel
  • How To Share Telegram Channel Link?
  • Public Channel Link
  • Private Channel Link
  • Conclusion

Create Telegram Private Link

Telegram Private Link

This type of link is added a “joinchat” term after the Telegram site address, and then a completely random and unique string is placed after it.

It is important to note that the letters in this address are sensitive to the size of English letters. This is an example for Telegram private link:

Channels that are built privately from scratch are given a link like this from the beginning.

But public channels usually have private links and are not easily accessible.

To get the private link, we have to turn it into a private mode for a while and remove the link.

There is a risk of losing the channel ID if the channel has a large number of members.

So there’s another way, and that’s it. Some unofficial Telegram software can provide this private link without changing the channel mode. All we have to do is use them.

Most admins tend to use this type of link more to invite people to enter the channel.

Note: According to experience, some private links have changed at once! Investing and promoting a channel with a private link is not a good idea to attract more and more members.

What Is Telegram Public Link

Telegram Public Link

Another type of Telegram channel link is the public link.

This type of link is permanent. You can set this link for yourself as the channel manager.

You must use an ID that is free and not previously taken by someone else. Below is an example:

Create Direct Link For Telegram Channel

How Can I Use Telegram Direct Links?

You can place these links wherever you want, Inside the app, an e-book, a web page or etc.

When a user clicks on a link, it will open in the browser and then he will go to Telegram messenger.

Private link is permanent and you can use it in website’s content. do you want to change Telegram channel from private to public mode? read the related article.

Direct Link For Telegram Channel

Well, to set a custom link for your Telegram Channel, you need to do as follows:

  • Open the channel you wish to create a link for.
  • Tap on the channel name.
  • Click the edit icon.
  • Click Channel Type.
  • Change the channel from Private to Public.
  • Enter a name for your channel after
  • Use this link to invite new members to your channel.

Direct Link To Telegram Channel

There is a direct link to the Telegram channel on the same page that opens on the Telegram site.

Many users are looking for such a link that directly opens the channel in the Telegram messenger.

The structure of this link is as follows:


This is if the phrase that comes after “invite”. This is the private ID of the channel that was in the private link.

With this structure, you can create a direct link to your Telegram channel.

But for public channels that have a public link, the channel ID must be in front of the domain. The following structure will be used:


How To Share Telegram Channel Link?

Sharing a Telegram channel link depends on whether the channel is public or private. Here we briefly explain how to share each of them separately. Follow these steps to share a public or private invitation link.

Public Channel Link

  • Open the Telegram channel
  • Tap on the Channel’s Name
  • Click on the Link
  • You can share the link with your contacts via text messages and other social media platforms.

Private Channel Link

  • Open the Telegram channel
  • Tap on the channel’s name
  • Tap on the Edit icon
  • Tap on the Channel type
  • On the next screen, your channel’s link will appear
  • Tap on the Link or the Copy link option to share your channel’s link directly to your contacts.


Telegram channel links are used to invite users to join a channel or group on Telegram. The direct link to the Telegram channel is the same link that the user sees the Telegram channel as soon as they click on it.

If you think using this method will help you to attract more members, you can use that to get better result.

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