How To Increase Telegram Channel Future Post Views Automatically?

increase Telegram channel future post views automatically

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We will teach you how to increase your Telegram views. The views in this bundle come automatically and soon after sharing each content.

For example, if you purchase 1k automated views for 50 articles, the service will only operate for the next 50 posts you publish on your channel.

If your charge has expired, you can reorder. We also offer monthly subscriptions that allow you to share an infinite number of posts on your Telegram channel.

Strategies for Real Channels Views

Because all of your new posts always receive some views, this service can help you expand your channel and gain greater confidence from your clients. There are various methods for increasing post traffic:

#1 Forwarding to additional channels or groups

Enhance channel views by posting on other channels and Telegram groups. This is a subgroup of adverts designed to attract genuine members.

Create a post as an advertisement with all the information a user needs to know about your channel’s work or items, ideally in photographs or videos, to do this. Give the viewer as much information as possible in as little time as possible.

After creating the post, you have two options: free advertising or sending it to free Telegram groups to see how many views it receives. Raising funding to promote your channel is tough because few groups can do so for free.

Another option is to pay for posting on other channels and groups. You can pay channel administrators to promote your message in their channels or groups. This is one of the most effective methods for increasing actual followers and posts traffic.

Because more than 80% of members on most channels are fake, it’s advisable to evaluate their dependability and validity before advertising.

#2 Telegram bot viewer

Telegram views bots are the third method for increasing post views. We’ll go over how to operate the bot and its features in detail below.

Telegram views bots are the most effective and cost-effective approach to increase post views. You supply the bot with the necessary posts, and the bots add views using Telegram accounts.

This strategy is invisible to genuine viewers, and visitors to the post will not notice. It appears that the post had either fake views or real visitors.

Strategies for Real Channels Views

How to Boost Telegram Views?

All Telegram View Bot is generally supported by around 30,000 Telegram accounts. These accounts might be bogus. After you send your post, the bot utilizes these accounts to add bogus views to it.

Using a Telegram view bot allows you to begin your order right away. The bot raises post views for up to a minute after submitting the post, generally instantly adding the visit.

#1 Telegram bot for automatic view

Our view bot can automatically add views to channel postings. When you tell the robot to add new posts to a channel, it immediately raises post views. A lesson on how to add channels to the auto views bot follows.

  • Begin by launching our Telegram bot. The address is Addpostviewbot (@Addpostviewbot) is a Twitter user.
  • Click Bot ID, then “start” to get to the bot’s home page.
  • After clicking any button, the bot will warn you that you must first join the bot information Telegram channel before utilizing the robot service. Return to the views bot and click “back” after joining the channel by clicking the channel ID. You can now utilize the robot.
  • Three buttons have been created to boost the number of bot post views. “Order single post views” is the first button. Click “Order single post views” to boost single post views, and the bot will ask for the number of visits.
  • Enter between 300 and 20,000 views. The bot then queries the speed at which you want to increase the number of views from four options. Send the appropriate single post to the bot after picking the speed, and your order will begin and be completed in 1-30 minutes.

#2 Buying telegram view

The second Telegram channel post increase way is for buying the number of postings. This area allows you to give the bot as many posts as you like, and it will add many views for each one. The single-post section is the same.

First, click the “Order multi-post views” button, then enter the required number of visits and the rate at which views are added, and lastly, pick all of the desired posts and send them to the bot, then click the Finish button. You could only send one post to the bot in the preceding section.

#3 Telegram auto-view bot

The third way, “Auto post views,” is the most commonly used by bot users. This section allows you to configure the bot to automatically increase channel post views.

To utilize this part, click the “Auto post views” button. The second page has the options “Register a new channel” and “Registered channel.”

In this area, hit the “Register a new channel” button to add a new channel to automatically increase. Re-enter the area and select the “registered channels” button to remove a channel.

Increase Telegram channel future post views automatically
Increase Telegram channel future post views automatically
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