How To Have An Auto Post Sharing In Telegram?

Auto Post Sharing In Telegram

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Having your own Telegram channel is an excellent method to market your unique content, gain new users, and increase sales. 

In this post, we explain ways to send automated Telegram messages on a certain day and time, as well as an analysis of the top bots used for auto-posting.

Auto-Post WordPress Blog Posts to a Telegram Channel

We’ll teach you how to accomplish that in this post by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Create a Telegram Channel

  • To begin, you must first create a Telegram channel. You can skip this step if you already have one.
  • Here’s how to make your own Telegram channel:
  • Open Telegram and select the “Settings” option.
  • Select “New Channel.”
  • Give your channel a name and, if you want, a profile image.
  • You can make your channel public or private.
  • Select “Create.”

Step 2: Determine Your Channel ID

To automate the distribution of your blog entries, you’ll need to locate your channel ID. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Navigate to your channel in Telegram.
  • To open the channel details, tap on the channel name.
  • Select “Copy Link.”
  • The channel ID is located at the end of the connection, following the “@” mark.

Step 3: Purchase a Telegram Bot Token

To automatically distribute your blog article on your Telegram channel, create a Telegram bot. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open Telegram and initiate a conversation with the “BotFather.”
  2. To build a new bot, type “/newbot” and follow the steps.
  3. You will be given a bot token, which you will use in the following step.

Step 4: Post To the Telegram Channel Automatically

You can use a tool like IFTTT (If This Then That) to auto-post your Telegram channel now that you have your channel ID and bot token.

  •  IFTTT for Telegram Automation

This is a platform for integrating various online services and developing user-friendly automation workflows. Their Telegram bot can connect your group or channel to 360 different services, including Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Furthermore, you can program the bot to do tasks when a given circumstance is satisfied. You can, for example, automatically broadcast Twitter updates or messages from specific users to your Telegram group.

To automate procedures across many applications and services, utilize the free online platform IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT allows you to create “applets” that do certain things when particular events occur. For example, you might configure an applet to automatically transmit each new blog post you make to your Telegram channel.

  • Boosting Productivity by IFTT

IFTTT supports over 600 applications and services, including well-known ones such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Drive, and others. Because it is simple to use and does not require any programming knowledge, this platform is ideal for bloggers who want to automate tasks without having to write any code.

IFTTT allows you to distribute your blog entries to your Telegram channel automatically. This saves you time and allows you to focus on providing valuable content to your readers. Try IFTTT to see if it can help you make your writing process more efficient and reach more people. With the aid of IFTTT’s mobile apps for iOS and Android, you can monitor and manage your applets while on the road. The mobile app makes it simple to remain on top of your automation and update your applets as needed.

Post To the Telegram Channel Automatically
Post To the Telegram Channel Automatically
  • Bots That Repost On Telegram

Bots can link several applications and online services, monitor events (new postings), and develop action chains based on the premise “If this happens, then…”

  • A post on a social network, for example, serves as a trigger for the bot. The post’s URL takes you to the messaging chat.
  • Make your bot with BotFather and Make (integration solution).
  • First, use @botfather to develop a Telegram bot.
  • Open the Telegram desktop client on your PC or the Telegram mobile app on your smartphone, search for @botfather, and select the confirmed one.
  • Press the Start button;
  • To create a new Telegram bot, use /newbot.
  • Give your bot a name;
  • Enter a name for your bot. It must conclude with “bot”. FinmarketsForex_bot, for example.
  • Following that, you will receive a mail with an HTTP API token. This code is required while configuring the automation procedure.
  • Navigate to the Telegram channel’s control panel. Find your bot in the “Administrators” area and add it, allowing it the required permissions (in our instance, turn off all toggle switches save the one that permits you to submit messages):
  • Register an account by clicking the Get Started Free button (rapid signup via Google account is available) and providing the needed information: email, nickname, country, and hosting area (EU or US).
  • Next, choose an appropriate response from the menu of options.

You’re ready to go. Now, on the control panel, click the “Create a new scenario” button in the upper right corner.

Elevate Your Content Creation with Auto-Posts on Telegram

The auto post sharing in telegram service of is a good panel to reach out to more people and simplify your job. IFTTT can help you automate sharing your content and focus on what you do best: generating amazing content for your fans, whether you’re a blogger, company owner, or content producer.

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