How To Download Telegram Voice Message?

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Telegram voice message is one of the interesting and useful features of Telegram messenger. as you know, you can tap the “Microphone” icon at the bottom right of the screen in the app and send voice message easily. Telegram voice message is very popular because of its ease to use specially who are lazy and get bored of typing. you may think about to download voice and save it to your phone storage but is it possible? the answer is yes and it’s so easy. you can save your target voice message in your phone or desktop and listen to it without open the Telegram messenger each time. i want to show you how to save voice message to your device memory so even if these files were deleted from your app, can access them.

Where Are The Downloaded Telegram Voice Messages Saved?

After download Telegram voice message it will save in somewhere and when you want to play it again will load from your phone storage but question is where? in this part i will show you how to find your voice files. follow these steps:

  1. Go to internal storage.
  2. Find and open “Telegram” file.
  3. Open “Telegram Audio” file.
  4. Search for your target voice message.

Step 1 : Go to internal storage.

internal storage

Step 2 : Find and open “Telegram” file.

Telegram file

Step 3 : Open “Telegram Audio” file.

Telegram Audio file

Step 4 : Search for your target voice message.

Search Telegram Voice Message

How To Convert Telegram Voice Message File (.ogg) To MP3?

Note that your voice message file format is .ogg and if you want to play it with your phone media player, you have to change it to MP3. we will suggest you some tips for this purpose. if you want to download Telegram voice files and play it with your device’s music player, you should use @mp3toolsbot robot. to convert your voice message in MP3 format follow steps below:

1- go to @mp3toolsbot and tap on “Start” button.


2- Send your target voice message file (Find the file as instructed above) and send to robot.

send Telegram voice message to robot

3- Well done! your MP3 file is ready. download it and play with your phone media player.

download your MP3 file



Source Telegram official website
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