How To Keep Telegram Members Up?

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Telegram with over 700 million users is one of the fastest-growing messaging applications in the world.

Telegram channels are used by millions of businesses worldwide.

This has become one of the best-performing marketing tools for businesses to grow their business and increase their customers.

If you want to start your Telegram channel or want to keep it strong and your members up, this is the article that you should read.

We want to introduce you to the top 10 strategies to keep your Telegram members up.

At the end of this article, you will see the benefits of having a very strong Telegram channel.

About Telegram

Telegram is a very popular and growing application that is famous for its unique features and characteristics.

  • People of different ages and locations are using Telegram, more than 700 million people are using it daily
  • Telegram is offering many interesting features, sending messages and files in different formats, secret chats, security features, and channels, groups, and bots are some of the most popular features of the this messenger

Telegram is easy to use, fast, and has an ultra-modern, user-friendly user interface.

All these unique features together are the reasons for the popularity of this application.

Why Telegram Is Important?

  • Millions of people from across the world are using Telegram. This number is growing daily, and your target audience is there using it many hours a day
  • Many businesses across the world are using Telegram as their marketing channel for growing their brand and business
  • Channels are very useful tools for promoting your business, you can increase your members and get customers directly from your channel

All of this information shows that Telegram is a very popular and important application and marketing channel that you can use as a tool for growing your sales and profitability.

Telegram Channel

What Is A Telegram Channel?

Telegram channel is a place where you as an admin can share different types of content with your audience that are your members or subscribers.

It has a unique link that you can use for marketing it, also each of your channel posts has a unique link that can be used for marketing

The most important thing about a channel is that businesses can use it for sharing links, gaining new users as members, offering awesome quality content, and using the channel as a marketing tool to increase their brand awareness and build a strong customer base for their brand and business.

What is Telegram verified channel and how to find them? You can read that related article

How To Keep Telegram Members Up

Keeping your Telegram channel members up is a journey and needs a strong strategy.

In this section we introduce you to the top 10 strategies that you can use for increasing your channel subscribers and keeping your channel members up.

Telegram Content

1. Focus On High-Quality Content

If you want to keep your Telegram members up and increase subscribers, the first and the best strategy that you should use is focusing on high-quality content.

Telegram posts whether they are writing content, podcasts, videos, or graphics, and … are the heart of your channel.

  • Create awesome quality content based on the latest content marketing strategies
  • Use different types of formats to make your channel attractive
  • One of the best ways that you can use for growing your channel and keeping your Telegram channel members up is by covering the latest news and the hottest topics

To achieve this goal, you should have a very strong content plan for your Telegram channel, constantly track and monitor your progress and use the highest performing types of content inside your channel.

Content is at the core of your channel, all the strategies mentioned below are useful and work when you are offering very high-quality content daily in your channel based on your target audience’s needs and wants.

Telegram Group

2. Create Telegram Group

In a Telegram group, let your members and audience start speaking about their needs, asking their questions, and having a place for speaking and solving their problems.

Create a Telegram group for your channel and keep your members up and engaged.

3. Use Interaction Marketing Strategies

If you want to increase your number of members and keep your Telegram subscribers up, you should use interaction.

  • Ask questions
  • Implement polls
  • Use interviews and surveys

Asking questions and speaking with people is a very good strategy for increasing your channel engagement rate.

Buy Telegram Members

4. Buy Telegram Members

Telegram Adviser is offering this service, you can buy real and active Telegram members for your channel.

  • Very low prices
  • You can easily grow your channel subscribers and views

As your Telegram members are growing, this is a very good strategy to keep your members up and always keep growing for a better and brighter future.

5. Use Incentive Marketing

Creating incentives is a good strategy for increasing your number of members and keeping your channel subscribers.

  • You can offer prizes
  • Creating an educational and practical course is the other incentive strategy that you can use
  • Also, if you are selling products and services, you can create discounts and offer for your audience

Display Marketing

6. Use Display Marketing

If you are looking for a strategy to be seen by the mass audience then we recommend you use display marketing.

Display marketing will bring new users and an audience for you, this can increase the engagement rate of your Telegram channel and help you for keeping your channel members up.

7. Create a VIP Telegram Channel

VIP marketing is a very good strategy for growing your channel and increasing the engagement rate of your business.

To keep your customers engaged and increase the attractiveness of your channel, we highly recommend you create a VIP channel that you can use for making money and offering unique and highly valuable information.

8. Use Video Marketing

Video marketing has become a proven strategy for increasing audience of the businesses and growing their customers.

If you want to keep your Telegram members up and get new users, then we highly recommend you use video marketing.

You can use video in your Telegram channel, and also YouTube has become a very proven platform that you can use for promoting your brand and channel.

Public Relations

9. PR Marketing

PR marketing means using the power of public media to introduce your channel and business.

There are millions of popular public media in the world, the most important thing for choosing public media platforms is to consider these factors:

  • Your target audience is there and using this media
  • It is growing, popular, and covering the information that can be related to their channel and business
  • The public media that you want to use for advertising your Telegram channel should have a very good engagement rate, a higher than average engagement rate shows a strong and good platform that you can use

PR marketing is one of the best strategies to keep your Telegram members up and increase your subscribers.

10. Offer New Products & Services

One of the best strategies to keep your Telegram members up is offering new products and services.

The world is evolving and your members and customers are also evolving, this means you should constantly track your member’s and audience needs and offer unique solutions for these.

If you want to keep your members and also increase your audience, you should add attractiveness and excitement plus solving people’s needs, offering new products and services is the best way to achieve this.

  • See what your customers and members are speaking about that you are not offering to solve it
  • Constantly, track their needs and produce new products and services based on the information that you get
  • Use different discounts and incentives for introducing your products and services

Introducing new products and services that are based on the latest users’ needs and wants is a really useful strategy to keep your Telegram members up and increase your subscribers.

Benefits Of Telegram Channel

Benefits Of Having A Popular Telegram Channel

If you increase your Telegram channel members and keep your subscribers up, this will have many benefits for you, these are:

  • The number of customers that you will have will keep rising, a very awesome result from keeping your Telegram channel members up
  • As Telegram is a growing platform and more than a million new users are joining this application, this can help you to keep growing faster
  • A strong Telegram channel can create a good credit and reputation for your business, increasing your customers, and building you a very popular sales pipeline

As you see, if you keep your Telegram channel strong and keep your members up using the strategies mentioned in this article, more customers and higher sales and profitability are the results.

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About Telegram Adviser

Telegram Adviser is the first encyclopedia of Telegram, we are one of the most active websites dedicated to it, covering all topics related to this application.

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That’s why we have dedicated most of the website to education and offering highly practical and comprehensive articles.

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Telegram Services

Telegram Adviser’s services list

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The Bottom Line

Telegram channels are very popular and growing marketing tools for businesses to promote their brand and earn new customers to achieve higher sales and profitability.

In this article authored by Telegram Adviser, we introduced you to the top 10 ways and strategies that you can use for growing your Telegram channel and building a strong presence inside it.

Keeping your channels up is essential for growing your business and getting new customers.

If you are interested in growing your channel and keeping your members up using these strategies mentioned in this article, please contact our customer service team for a free consultation and place your order.

We love to know how you are keeping your members up, please write down your comments for us and let us know about the strategies that you are using for increasing your channel members.


1- How to Avoid Telegram members dropping?

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2- How to increase Telegram members?

One of the best methods is publishing high quality content.

3- Can I make my channel or group members to zero drop rate?

No! It’s not possible, But there are many methods to avoid dropping and keep them up.

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