How To Pause Music While Recording Voice In Telegram?

[Pause music when recording voice in Telegram

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Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world which is widely used to communicate with friends and family. It provides users with many features, one of which is recording and sending voice messages. However, sometimes there is a need to pause the music or background sound while recording. In this article, we will examine ways to pause music while recording in Telegram.

#1 Using Telegram Menu Settings

a. go to the “Settings

Select settings

b. click on “Chat Settings“.

click on Chat Settings

c. Scroll down until you find the “Pause music while recording” option. By activating it, you can Pause Music While Recording Voice In Telegram.

Tap on the pause music while recording button

#2 Using Voice Recording Applications

One of the most used methods for pausing music while recording in Telegram is to use applications that allow recording with background control. These applications allow you to record while playing music and stop the music in it. After recording, you can send the voice file to Telegram.

#3 Using Audio Editing Software

Some audio editing software can pause music. You can import your audio file into this software and specify the time range you want to pause. Then, by saving the file and sending it via Telegram, the music will pause during your voice.

pause music while recording voice in Telegram


In general, pausing music while recording voice is a very simple process. Telegram menu settings, voice recording applications, and audio editing software are the three main methods that can help you pause music while recording on Telegram. According to your personal needs and taste, you can choose the right method and enjoy recording your voice.

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