How To Send Voice Message On Telegram App?

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Telegram voice message is a helpful feature that can help you in chats. This feature is very different from to voice call and is another type of voice conversation. If you want to type a long text and send it to your audience and on the other hand you don’t get bored typing, Try  Telegram voice message. If you are listening to a music and want to share your good feeling with your friends or at a meeting you want your partner to know the details, Telegram Voice Message can help you. I am Jack Ricle from Telegram Adviser team and in this article, I want to talk about this issue detailed. Stay with me until the end of article and send me your comments.

To send Telegram voice message, just following these steps:

  • Open the Telegram app and sign in to your account. If you have installed Telegram recently so should create Telegram account and login.
  • Navigate to the dialog (chat windows). This dialog can be a single chat, group, or channel.
  • There is a “microphone” icon at down-right corner .
  • Hold your finger on it. Process of recording your voice has started.
  • Say what you want.
  • When it’s done, simply release your finger from the “microphone” icon to send the voice message.

Step 1: Open the Telegram app and sign in.

Open the Telegram app and sign in

Step 2: Navigate to the dialog (chat windows).

Navigate to the dialog

Step 3: There is a “microphone” icon at down-right corner.

Microphone icon

Step 4: Hold your finger on “microphone” icon.

Hold finger on microphone icon

Step 5: Release your finger. Done! Your voice message sent successfully.

Telegram voice message sent successfully

Well done! You successfully sent your Telegram voice message. Now if you want to delete your voice message during recording, swipe your finger to left side and you recorded voice will be deleted and you can record new one and send it to your friend.

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  1. opaleeli says

    bingo likeeee

  2. otusiho says

    suave mente

  3. Dawit says

    I can’t send a recorded voice message. I tried so many tips, but didn’t help. I updated the app. Still doesn’t work. It works only for a few seconds. Would you please help me?

  4. Mustofa says

    I tried to use the voice note he didn’t works try am upgrade to voice messaging

  5. Sufiyo says

    This article says how to record a voice message, not delete one! Misleading heading. Is it possible to delete a sent voice message??

  6. Rolena says

    How can I do to send a voice message if the “microphone” icon doesn’t exist on my Telegram account.

  7. Dario says

    No microphone icon is present on my Samsung phone. WhatsApp has that icon, my Telegram does not.


    There’s no microphone icon on my telegram app. Pls help me. I use Techno Spark 7

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