How To Use Telegram Ads Service? (Best Methods)

Telegram Ads Service

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If you run a business and want to connect with more possible customers, you can use Telegram Ads Service. This helps you show promotional messages on Telegram channels with 1000 or more subscribers. These messages are brief and include a link to your Telegram channel or bot, where you can display your products or services and interact with your customers.

To know how to advertise on big channels, read this article.

In this article, we’ll help you run an advertising campaign on Telegram Ad Platform.

What is Telegram Ads Service?

The Telegram Ads Service is a platform for businesses to promote their products or services to over 700 million active users on Telegram, allowing them to create ads on the Telegram Ad Platform. These ads are specifically based on the topics of public channels, ensuring that no personal information is used for targeting. Instead, everyone on a particular Telegram channel sees the same sponsored messages.

The Telegram Ads Service is an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness and attracting potential customers. Moreover, the platform offers detailed analytics that provide a deep understanding of how the ads are performing. This information is crucial for businesses to evaluate and improve their advertising strategies effectively.

Another proven strategy to attract subscribers is to get them from sources that offer real and active members. Check for further details on available plans and pricing.

How to Create and Manage your Ads?

To create and manage your ads, you need to have a Telegram account and log in to the Telegram Ad Platform. Once you log in, you can click ‘Create Ad’ to start designing your sponsored message.

These sponsored messages are brief, with only 160 characters, including a title, a message, and a link to your Telegram channel or bot. To create an ad, you need to fill in the following fields:

  • Title: The title of your ad in bold at the top
  • Text: The text of your ad below the title.
  • URL: The URL of your ad to be added to a button under the message.
  • CPM: The cost-per-mille, which is the price for one thousand views of your ad. The minimum CPM is €2.
  • Budget: The amount of funds you are willing to spend on your ad. The ad will continue to be shown until it reaches this amount.

After you create your ad, you can choose the language and approximate topics of the channels where your ads will be displayed, or select specific channels to include or exclude from your campaign. You can also preview how your ad will look like on different devices.

To manage your ads, you can go to your homepage and see the list of your active and paused ads. You can edit, stop, delete, or duplicate your ads at any time. You can also see the statistics of your ads, such as the number of views, clicks, and conversions.

Telegram Ads Service

How to Choose the Best Channels for Your Audience?

To reach your target audience and optimize your ad performance, it is very important to choose the right channels for your ads. Also you can use the following criteria to select the appropriate channels for your ads:

  • Language: You can choose the language of the channels where your ads will be displayed, such as English, Spanish, Persian, etc. This way, you can ensure that your ads are relevant and understandable to the users who view them.
  • Topic: You can choose the approximate topics of the channels where your ads will be displayed, such as Movies, Music, Business, etc. This way, you can match your ads with the interests and preferences of the users who view them.
  • Specific Channels: You can also choose specific channels to include or exclude from your campaign, by entering their names or links. This way, you can fine-tune your ads to the most suitable channels for your audience.

You can also use the search function on the Telegram Ad Platform to find channels that match your criteria. You can see the number of subscribers, the average number of views, and the average CPM of each channel.

How to Monitor Your Ad Performance?

Monitoring your ad performance helps you measure the effectiveness of your ads and make adjustments to improve the results. You can use the statistics on the Telegram Ad Platform to track these metrics for your ads:

  • Views: The number of times your ad was shown to users
  • Clicks: The number of times users clicked on your ad
  • Conversions: The number of times users subscribed to your Telegram channel or group after clicking on your ad.
  • CTR: The click-through rate; the percentage of views that resulted in clicks.
  • CPC: The cost-per-click; the average amount you paid for each click.
  • CPA: The cost-per-acquisition, the average amount you paid for each conversion.

You can also use the statistics to identify the best and worst performing channels for your ads, and adjust your campaign accordingly.


Telegram Ads Service is a great way to promote your business to a large and engaged audience on Telegram. You can create and manage your ads easily on the Telegram Ad Platform, choose the best channels for your audience, and monitor your ad performance.

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