How To Get Telegram Premium?

Get Telegram Premium

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You can use it on different devices and accounts too. But if you want extra special features, you can get Telegram Premium. It’s an optional service you pay for, and it also helps the app keep getting better. In this article, I will tell you how to get Telegram Premium In 2024

What is Telegram Premium?

Telegram Premium started in June 2022 and has brought lots of new features for those who subscribe. It is a way for Telegram to make money without relying on ads or shareholders. This helps Telegram stay independent and focus on what users need it.

Think of Telegram Premium like a special boost for the messaging app. You decide to pay a bit, and in return, you get cooler features. Plus, by getting Telegram Premium, you’re also helping support the people who make the app and keep it running smoothly.

What features does Telegram Premium offer?

Premium users get a special badge next to their name in chats and groups, but regular users don’t get any badge. With telegram premium, users won’t see any sponsored messages in large, public channels, but regular users may see ads in some channels.

Telegram Premium users can upload bigger files, up to 4 GB, while regular users can only upload files up to 2 GB. Also, Telegram Premium lets you download files and media faster than regular Telegram users. Premium users can turn voice or video messages into text by tapping a special button and can quickly translate messages into their preferred language with a tap, but regular users can’t do this.

Telegram Premium can be beneficial for Telegram admins as it offers additional features and tools that can enhance their management capabilities.

Premium features such as larger file uploads, faster downloads, and exclusive stickers can contribute to creating a more engaging and dynamic group environment. However, to boost your subscribers, you can consider purchasing real and active members from reliable sources. Telegram Adviser is a recommended website that offers different options to fit your needs and budget.

How to Get Telegram Premium

Methods to Get Telegram Premium

To get Telegram Premium, there are two common methods. In the following, we will explain both methods in detail:

Get Telegram Premium via Telegram settings

Follow the instructions below to get Telegram Premium:

  • Update Telegram to the latest version.
  • Tap on the three-line menu button.
  • Go into Settings.
  • Select Telegram Premium.
  • Select Annually or Monthly and hit Subscribe (prices may vary depending on where you live).
  • Pick your payment method and tap on Confirm.

And you will have access to a premium account and the premium features will be enabled for your account.

Get Telegram Premium via @PremiumBot

If you want to get Telegram Premium for a lower cost, it’s better to subscribe through @PremiumBot instead of the App Store or Google Play. When you subscribe through those platforms, the price is higher because they charge a fee. But with @PremiumBot, you can get a discount because there are no extra fees from Apple or Google. So, if you want the best deal, use @PremiumBot to subscribe.

@PremiumBot is currently accessible from the direct versions of Telegram’s Android, Desktop and macOS apps.

To use the bot, make sure your Telegram app is up-to-date on your device. The bot has different fees based on where you are, but it’ll be the cheapest. Click the Pay button, pick your payment method, enter your card details, then click done. The bot will tell you when the payment goes through, and now you’ve got access to all the premium messenger features.

These steps also work on Telegram Desktop. However, in some countries, the bot might not run on certain devices, which means the feature isn’t available in your country.

get telegram premium 2024


Telegram Premium is a great way to enhance your Telegram experience and support the app’s development. It offers many exclusive features that are not available for free users, such as doubled limits, voice-to-text conversion, premium stickers, animated profile pictures, and more. If you are interested in getting Telegram Premium, you can subscribe via the app or the bot, and enjoy the benefits for as long as you want.

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