Telegram Premium And 6 Golden Features

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What is the Telegram premium account and how to use it? Did you hear about it?

If you are a user of Telegram, you have seen the changes made recently in this application.

Even if you update your Telegram to its latest version, there are new features and new things.

This is the new feature offered by the Telegram application.

Where you can purchase it and receive new interesting features aside from its free version.

Telegram premium has a history and is worth knowing about it.

Before we dive into details of the new features offered by Telegram premium.

My name is Jack Ricle from Telegram Adviser team, Please stay with me till the end.

A Brief History About Telegram

Telegram started in 2013 as a user-friendly messaging application and has always been free.

There were discussions about having a paid membership but it never materialized.

This application wants to be for all people and that’s why it’s free.

But now that Telegram has very good features in its version, the paid version has been introduced for more features.

  • Telegram premium is a new service offered by this company.
  • You can pay a fee as a subscription and become a premium member of the Telegram
  • There are new features here, this paid model is used for supporting the company with its future updates and advances

We must say this note that the free version is available and will be updated.

But the premium version is offering more features to its users than the free model of Telegram.

Do you want to know the top and new features of the Telegram premium?

Top Features Of The Telegram Premium:

Imagine that you need to have more Telegram accounts for your tasks or seeing ads has become bothering for you.

What can you do?

Please welcome to Telegram premium where all your needs are supplied and your needs have become more important for the Telegram developers and managers.

Telegram Ads

#1. Say Goodbye To Ads

Telegram has an ad service, this is also been a new service for making money for the application and a new way for businesses to introduce themselves.

Are these ads bothering you?

We have very good news for you, by purchasing Telegram premium, you will avoid all of these ads and Telegram will become ad-free for you.

  • Telegram premium will remove all ads for you
  • You pay the fee as a subscription and you become the premium member
  • A very good feature and option for people that want to avoid the ads

If ads are annoying for you, Telegram premium is your solution, say goodbye to the ads and say hello to the higher-quality version of Telegram.

5 Accounts

#2. Welcome To Five Accounts

If you download Telegram and start using it.

You know that it’s possible to create up to three accounts inside your application.

Imagine that you are a business and you have a Telegram channel and group.

The most important part of your business is customer service, sales, and answering people’s questions, right?

Now consider these factors:

  • You need to have a separate account to answer all your customers, here is for your customers, the people that have bought from you and you want to answer immediately, a separate account helps you to filter your customers from others and make them satisfied by answering them as soon as possible
  • A separate account you need for answering users, this is for users and your customer service section, people are not your customers yet and this section is important but has lower priority than your customers
  • Now you have your main account for your personal life, this is for your family and friends and is away from your business

Now imagine that you have a group, a VIP channel, or want to have a separate account just for receiving suggestions, ideas, complaints, and so on, what can you do?

This is where Telegram premium comes in. You can purchase this service and create up to five accounts inside your application.

This is a very practical feature that you can make the best use of it for your business. Showing professionally in your business and having a completely different account for personal life.

Telegram Stickers

#3. New Interesting Telegram Stickers

Are you aware of the importance of Telegram stickers?

  • Telegram stickers are three-dimensional animations with beautiful carton images that you can use for your chats also inside channels and groups
  • These stickers are available in different shapes and areas and you can use them for adding beauty and attractiveness, this can help you create a more engaging environment and even increase your orders and customers

Now, we have very good news for you.

Using Telegram premium service, you will have new packs of very gorgeous and interesting stickers that you can use and make your family, friends, users, and customers amazed and engaged.

What do these new Telegram stickers bring for you?

  • These are new stickers that people don’t have, will add attractiveness and people will be eager to answer you faster and show you as a better and kinder person in the mind of your users and customers
  • You should know that these stickers are bigger, more beautiful, more diverse, and can create a deeper effect on the user

Telegram stickers are very important in your business, we recommend you join the Telegram premium service and use awesome new packs of Telegram stickers available only for the premium users of this application.

If you want to promote Telegram channel or group via free methods, Just read the related article.

Faster Download Speed

#4. Faster Download & Upload Service

Are you looking for a very special reason to purchase the subscription model of Telegram?

If you are a video or movie lover or if you have a movie channel or a channel uploading videos like news or educational channels, then you have this specific reason.

  • Telegram premium let you download and upload videos and files very faster
  • There is no limit on the file size for downloading and uploading videos

This messenger is famous for its very high speed, premium version of this interesting application lets you experience the speed that you always wished for it.

Voice To Text

#5. Voice To Text Converter

Let’s speak about this scenario. You are watching a movie online inside a Telegram channel or you are listening to music and you are enjoying it.

At the same time, you are speaking with your friend and family.

You have voices to listen to but you don’t want to have interruptions. What can you do now?

Telegram premium is your solution.

This great feature let you convert voices into text that you can read.

It is very simple and fast, and completely practical for you.

Are you convinced or need more examples?

You are in a university class, the professor is teaching and you don’t want to miss it.

Think that a family member sends you a voice message in Telegram, using the premium version to let you convert it to a text and easily read it while listing.

The professor teaching the course material.

  • We very love this service, this is a very useful feature that you can use in different scenarios
  • Voice context converter is only available in the paid version of the Telegram

We highly recommend you join the premium version of Telegram and use this very awesome and handy feature in your daily life.

Premium Badge

#6. Premium Badge For Your Profile

Imagine that a new user or a customer wants to send you a message.

Your Telegram profile has a premium badge that has to make it unique and apart from others.

This can easily add to your authenticity and create a better image. Do you love to make real such a scenario?

  • Telegram premium service is now offering you a premium badge for your account, making it unique and different from others
  • You can easily get more customers, have a better and more authority image among users and your customers, and make your account unique

Final Lines About Telegram Premium

Telegram premium is a new endeavor from the Telegram company for making itself unique and more attractive in the world of applications.

Based on the latest data from Google Play and Apple App Store. Telegram is now among the five most downloaded applications in the world.

Telegram premium is here for making Telegram more unique, offer very innovative features, and create a revenue stream for this company.

We will be very happy to know about your experiences with using Telegram premium.

Please share your awesome comments with us and let us know what you are doing.

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