How To Use Telegram? (10 Best Methods)

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Use Telegram for different purposes! Telegram is an instant messaging application with over 700 million active users that is used widely across the world.

It is offering lots of great features that you can use for growing your brand and business and also for your personal use.

My name is Jack Ricle and in this article from Telegram Adviser company.

We want to get to know the different functionalities of Telegram that you can use.

Telegram is a very popular and growing messaging application with over a billion downloads worldwide.

There are over 700 million users worldwide using this messenger, mostly the ages of between 25 to 35 years old.

  • Telegram is more than just a simple application, there are many features and characteristics that you can use in your Telegram account
  • This is one of the most famous applications in the world that has been downloaded over a billion times
  • People spend many hours of a day on this messenger

More than a million new users are joining Telegram daily and the decline of WhatsApp has also been a growth engine for Telegram.

When WhatsApp is not working well, Telegram is the winner and millions of users are joining this platform.

It’s really interesting to know that in just three days more than 25 million joined Telegram.

This was the time that WhatsApp was crushed and Telegram was the big winner of this decline.

Telegram Features

Telegram Features & Advantages

Telegram is offering very unique features and characteristics, some of the most important Telegram features and advantages include:

  • It is very fast, sending and receiving messages and files are done in seconds
  • Security is one of the most important issues for the users, two-factor authentication, encrypted messages, and secret chats are among the best security features offered by Telegram
  • Telegram is easy to use, ultra-modern, beautiful, and offers channels, groups, and bots that you can use all for your benefit

Let’s see how you can use Telegram in the next section of this article from the Telegram Adviser website.

How To Use Telegram Messenger?

Telegram is more than just a simple application. There are many awesome features and characteristics that you can use when you are working with this messenger. It has a lot of stickers that you can use on chats.

#1. Sending & Receiving Messages & Files

The most important and primary usage of the gram is sending and receiving messages and files.

You can send different types of files in different formats using Telegram. You can send and receive messages very fast using Telegram.

There are thousands of messaging applications but Telegram is a unique one as sending and receiving messages are done in seconds and very fast and you can send and receive different types of files in many different formats.

All types of formats are supported in this application and the speed is topnotch. These are competitive advantages of Telegram over other applications.

#2. Telegram Groups

Telegram groups are one of the most popular features of this application that you can use for speaking with others, and also for getting to know other people’s comments and ideas.

There are millions of groups that you can join and use for speaking with others, using other people’s experience and expertise, joining groups to find new job opportunities, or learning new skills.

Telegram groups are awesome for speaking and learning and also for finding new opportunities, any group has a specific name and link that you can search and find to join them.

Telegram Channels

#3. Telegram Channels

There are millions of Telegram channels, you can find and join them. They offer education for learning bee skills in different sections and categories.

You can use Telegram’s global search engine, Google search engine, and websites dedicated to Telegram and introduce them to find the best channels for education.

We highly recommend you use these resources and find the best educational channels to learn new skills inside Telegram.

Telegram channels are very easy to use, admins can share different types of content and files from written content to photos, videos, graphics, infographics, and ebooks, and … you can use them all in the channels to learn new skills.

#4. Trading & Investing

One of the most important and popular sections of the Telegram channels is trading and investing channels.

These are channels that are offering education and signals for trading and investing in different financial markets that you can use for your benefit.

First, we recommend you start learning about financial markets in these trading and investing Telegram channels and then use their strategies for trading and investing.

For any financial market, you will find thousands of Telegram channels that you can join.

We suggest you find the best investing and trading channels using a Telegram search engine, Google search engine, and websites then use them for your benefit.

#5. Telegram Secret Chats

Secret chats are one of the best security features of Telegram that you can use to send and receive messages safely.

It is encrypted and no one can hear and use these messages in between. Only you and the person that is speaking can decipher messages and read them.

It is famous for its security and safety and you can use secret chats for speaking securely with your friends and the people you want.

If you are looking for a secret place where you can send and receive files and messages in full encryption. We highly recommend you use Telegram secret chats.

#6. Starting Your Business On Telegram Channel

Telegram channels are places where you can broadcast your content in different formats to your members and subscribers.

If you want to increase Telegram members and post views via free methods, Just read the related article.

It is a great place where you can sell your products and services and market them.

Your channel will have a unique link that you can use for implementing different types of digital marketing strategies for growing your brand and business.

#7. Buying From Telegram Channels

There are hundreds of thousands of Telegram channels that are selling different types of products and services that you can buy from them.

From buying clothes and products to VIP packages and eBooks, you have endless choices that you can join and use.

We recommend you use trusted channels and you can find them on face websites, on the first pages of the Google search engine, and Telegram global search engine.

Telegram Bots

#8. Telegram Bots

Telegram is a very unique social media and messaging application where you can use different types of software known as Telegram bots for different applications and functionalities.

From downloading movies and files to using other applications inside Telegram.

There are thousands of bots that you can use for your benefit.

To get to know the best Telegram bots, you can use search engines and websites that are introducing these bots and start using them.

Using bots, you can use all features of Telegram and turn into a full-featured application.

#9. Watching Movies

One of the most popular sections that Telegram channels are growing daily is the entertainment section where you can use them for finding and watching the best movies in the world.

You can watch videos directly on Telegram and many great channels are offering you the latest movies for free.

Also, some channels are offering VIP packages and offering great movies for a low fee that you can use for watching movies.

#10. Management Of Your Life

One of the best features of Telegram is that you can use private channels and groups for the management of your daily life.

You can create private channels and private groups for your personal and professional life and organize your life in both personal and professional aspects.

The Bottom Line

As we discussed in this article, there are many ways that you can use Telegram for yourself.

Telegram is a versatile application and there are many features inside this messaging application that you can use.

If you need more information or a free consultation about the growth of your Telegram channel.

Please contact us using the contact methods mentioned on the website.

We love hearing from you, please write down your awesome comments for us and tell us how you are using Telegram in your daily personal and professional life.


1- How to use Telegram for business?

You can create a channel or group for this purpose.

2- Is Telegram safe for personal use?

Yes, It has end to end encryption.

3- Can I use Telegram on desktop?

Yes, Telegram has desktop version that you can download it from official website.

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    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello good day,
      You can download Telegram desktop version and install it on your laptop or pc

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    Can I do business on Telegram?

    1. Jack Ricle says

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      Sure! You can create a Telegram channel or group and promote your business.

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    Can I call my contacts in Telegram?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Yes, you can make voice calls to your contacts in Telegram. To do this, follow these steps:

      1- Open a chat with the person you want to call.
      2- Tap the phone icon in the top right corner of the chat window.
      3- Tap the “Call” button to initiate the call.
      You can also make video calls in Telegram by following the same steps, but tapping the video camera icon instead of the phone icon.

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