What is Secret Chat in Telegram and How to use it?

If you are a Telegram user, you may heard about secret chat in Telegram Messenger. But what is secret chat and how we can use that? I’m Jack Ricle from Telegram adviser team and i want to talk about this topic today. The secret chat is very different to regular Telegram chat because it provide you more option when you are talking to your friends or someone else.

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Secret chat provides you new features. If you want your contact won’t able save messages or forward them to someone else, you should use Secret chat. You may have missed this great feature until today. You are right! because Secret chat is not routine and only use in certain cases. Imagine that you want to deliver an important and secure message to someone, and also you never want anyone else know about that. In this case, the best way is to use Telegram secret chat. But how to use secret chat in Telegram?

1.  You should enter to your contact detail page: in this page you can see “Start Secret Chat” button that will take you to the next level. Click it.

Telegram secret chat first step

2. Confirmation window for enter to Telegram secret chat: when this window appear in your screen you should click on “Start” button if you sure you want to start Telegram secret chat with your contact, otherwise click “Cancel” button then you will exit of this process.

Start Telegram secret chat

3. You’ve successfully entered to the secret chat: congratulations you succeeded, now wait a moment until your contact will join to secret chat, then you can send and receive messages with high security. We will continue to explore its features. Stay with us.

You successfully entered to secret chat

What is “Self-Destruct” in secret chat?

One of the most important features of secret chat in Telegram is “self-destruct” that makes you able to remove your message after specified time! It’s interesting, isn’t it? With this option, you can easily be sure that your message being unable to save or forward to someone else. This is first time that Telegram provides this capability. You can set self-destruct time from “2 seconds” to “1 week” so set it as you need and make sure you do this before the conversation begins.

Attention! The self-destruct time is set to “OFF” by default.

self-destruct in secret chat

What is “Encryption-Key” and how to use it?

The Encryption-Key is a safety key that you can check it while you want to start the secret chat with your contact. If your Encryption-Key looks same to your contact on his phone, them you can be sure that you are in safe chat and also you can start to send and deliver message with confidence. In fact, Encryption-Key is an easy-to-use way to let your contact know you’re only person in secret chat and no one else can access to his messages.

Whats is Encryption-Key in secret chat

Now you know everything about the secret chat in Telegram, it’s time to review advantages of Secret chat to Regular chat. Thank you for being with me until the end of the article.

  • Message encryption mode.
  • Self-Destruct feature to delete messages at specified time.
  • Unable to take screenshot during chat.
  • Encryption-Key for more security
  1. João Gaspar Farias says

    Why the “Start Secret Chat” disappeared from my Telegram?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello sir,
      What’s your current Telegram app version?

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