12 Best Telegram Bots

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Telegram has become a popular choice among users in recent years, surging demand is the result of Telegram’s popularity among users across the world.

They are very popular among users; this feature is growing daily and new bots are emerging daily.

What Is A Telegram Bot?

A Telegram bot is software that is like a channel or a group, you can send messages to the bot and do different tasks based on pre-defined tasks programmed for the bot.

  • A Telegram bot is software that can do different tasks for you
  • You can write a request in a chat with the bot and ask the bot to do the tasks for you
  • They are created using different programming languages and developers can access Telegram through Telegram API bots

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Benefits Of Telegram Bots

There are many benefits to using Telegram bots for both users and businesses, these are:

  • It’s easy and interesting to work with Telegram bots, these are interactive software that you can easily speak with them using chats and order different tasks based on their functionalities
  • Users can easily do their tasks using chats and businesses can use different Telegram bots for their different parts of the business

Telegram bots are very simple to use and make businesses more interesting for users.

12 Best Telegram Bots

There are thousands of Telegram bots developed by different developers and companies across the world that you can use them.

  • These 12 bots are very useful ones that you can use in your daily life
  • They are very popular and famous for doing the most important tasks you might expect from a Telegram bot


1. @Botfather

we can say it is the godfather of all Telegram bots!

  • This is a father bot that is provided directly by Telegram and you can use it for creating different bots based on your needs
  • For creating Telegram bots you must master programming languages and use the Telegram API bot but by using this special bot you can easily develop bots that you need

If you are interested in creating different Telegram bots for yourself without using any programming languages, we recommend you use this fatherbot from Telegram.

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2. @Gamebot

Are you looking for some fun inside Telegram?

Invite your friends for playing games using “Gamebot”, this is a very useful one that you can use for playing simple games.

  • There are math games like equations that you should answer fast to win
  • This is a very interesting Telegram bot that you can use when you are bored and play very simple yet entertaining games

Play games and have fun with your friends, also you can use this game Telegram bot for your customers, when they are waiting for your reply, they can play the games and be entertained.

Gmail Bot

3. @Gmailbot

Welcome to one of the most popular and famous Telegram bots in the world.

  • Gmail is a very useful application that we call to use as our primary email to send and receive different emails
  • Using “Gmailbot” lets you manage your emails directly from Telegram
  • You will receive a Telegram notification whenever you have a new email and you can easily answer and reply to emails directly from the Telegram

This bot is very useful, using it is very easy, it’s just like chatting, there are different options that you can use to manage your Gmail directly from Telegram.



If This Then That, this is a very popular and sophisticated Telegram bot that let you connect to different web services and create automation for your different tasks.

  • You can create different actions based on your needs
  • There are many uses for this bot, imagine that there is a Facebook post and you want to post it in your Telegram channel or group, you can easily do this using the IFTTT Telegram bot
  • This bot let you connect to different services like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and … and create automated tasks for yourself


5. @Skeddybot

You want to post a Telegram post or a Facebook post two days later at night, you have created the post and you need a tool to do this for you.

Skeddybot is a very awesome reminder tool that you can use for posting different types of content on any platform and you will receive a notification as a reminder when the time arrives.

  • This is a very useful reminder tool that you can use directly inside your Telegram application
  • For content creators and professionals also for businesses of different sizes.
  • It is a very nice solution for setting dates and reminders for their different tasks


6. @Dropmailbot

There are times when you need a temporary email address just to receive the code or reply and you don’t want to use your primary email addresses.

  • It is an awesome Telegram bot that let you create disposable and temporary email addresses and use them for different websites
  • You can use your Telegram to create an email address and you will receive notifications whenever you have new emails
  • Working with this Telegram bot is very simple. It’s a chat environment where you enter essential information based on different options and explanations that are provided by this Telegram bot

We recommend you use this bot as a very simple and good tool to create temporary email addresses.

There are infinite possibilities here and there is a limit to the number of emails that you can create.

File Convertor Bot

7. @File_convertorbot

There is no need anymore for using search engines for finding a great file converter.

  • This Telegram bot is exactly what you need, you upload the file and then the bot will recognize the format and give you different options using chat buttons that you can select for file conversion
  • You can convert any file to any format that you want using this Telegram bot and it’s really simple using this file conversion bot


8. @Airtrack_bot

For travelers, we have amazing news for you.

  • The Air track bot is for finding the best flights from across the internet just inside the Telegram application
  • You enter the airport or destination inside the search bar and then all the flights with full details and information are shown to you
  • Create different filters for your search and even set a reminder for your flights

Do you think it’s very hard to use this Telegram bot?

The answer is no, it’s like just a chat environment, you enter the information from the options list, and then you are set for finding the best flights for your next travel destination.


9. @Combot

Combat is an admin Telegram bot that you can use for managing your channels and groups.

  • You can use this Telegram bot for group moderation, spam filtering, and managing different posts and messages inside your channel and group
  • This Telegram bot is developed by a company that is also offering different subscriptions and services that you can use for managing your channels and groups

This is one of the best Telegram bots for managing channels and groups, a very supportive and advanced bot that fulfills all your needs for managing your group or Telegram channel.

File to bot

10. @Filetobot

Do you need a place to store your files?

  • Filetobot is a very useful bot that let you store files in a cloud
  • You just upload your file to the chat and this bot will do the rest for you

This is a very good option for storing all your files securely using the cloud.


11. @Trello_bot

If you are using Trello for managing your projects and tasks, this bot is an awesome tool for you.

You can use this tool to create and edit your tasks and cards directly from Telegram.

You will receive a notification when any changes happen and you the manage the Trello application inside Telegram using this Trello bot.


12. @BabelgramBot

Enter any text and receive translated content based on the language that you want.

  • Babelgum bot is an awesome Telegram bot for translating anything that you want
  • This is a chat environment where you enter the text and then receive the translated messages

The Ending Points

Telegram bots are very useful tools for doing different tasks right inside your Telegram application.

Are you using these Telegram bots in your daily life?

Please share your awesome comments with us.

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