How To Disable Adding Me To Telegram Groups By Others?

Disable Adding To Telegram Groups

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Introduction: Telegram is a popular messaging app used by millions of people around the world. The platform is known its powerful features and user-friendly interface. Although group chats can be a great way to connect with others, there have been complaints of users being added to groups on Telegram without their consent.

To address this concern, Telegram has added privacy features that allow you to restrict who can add you to groups. In this article, you will learn the steps to disable the option of being added to Telegram groups by others. It also ensures more control over your privacy and online presence.

Steps To Disable Adding To Telegram Groups By Others

#1 Accessing Telegram Settings: First, open the Telegram application on your device and go to the main screen. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen to open the Telegram settings menu.

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#2 Go to Privacy & Security Settings: Within the Telegram settings menu, click on “Privacy & Security” section. You access the privacy and security settings of your Telegram account.


#3 Configuring the Group Privacy Settings: In this section, you determine who is allowed to invite you to different groups and channels. Tap on the “Groups” option.

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#4 Choosing Privacy Preferences: Upon selecting the “Groups” option, you will be presented with several privacy preferences to choose from. Telegram offers three options:

  • Everyone” – This option allows anyone to add you to groups without any restrictions.
  • My Contacts” – By selecting this option, you will only allow your contacts list to add you to Telegram groups.
  • Nobody” – This is the setting that disables others from adding you to groups entirely.

disable adding to Telegram groups

#5 Selecting the “Nobody” Option: In order to avoid being added to telegram groups, tap on the “Nobody” option among the available choices. If you select “Nobody”, you’ll be prompted to approve or deny every group invitation before you’re added to the group. Tap on the appropriate button or follow any additional instructions provided to confirm your decision.

#6 Verifying Group Adding Prevention: Once you make your selection, other people will no longer be able to add you to groups without your approval. You now have complete control over joining groups and can decide to accept or decline group invitations.

disable adding to Telegram groups


Controlling privacy is critical in the digital age. By disabling others from adding you to Telegram groups, you can ensure more control over your online presence and communications.

With this straightforward steps mentioned above, you can browse the Telegram settings, access the privacy settings.

Select the “Nobody” option to prevent others from adding you to groups without permission. With these settings, you can experience a more personal and secure environment in Telegram.

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