How To Find And Send Telegram GIF?

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These days, most people are familiar with Telegram and use it. As you know, one of the charms of the Telegram messenger is the stickers that allow you to convey your feelings graphically to your contacts. In addition to these stickers, the Telegram application supports animated images with the GIF suffix.

When you send these images to your contacts, they have to click on them to trigger the actions related to the image. One of the problems in using these animated images is the lack of a suitable source to find the desired images.

Would you like to choose and send the images you want in different groups and channels while chatting with each of your contacts? The new version of Telegram provides you with this possibility by supporting its new bots.

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How To Use These Robots?

1- First, update the Telegram app to the latest version on each of your desired devices.

2- Go to each of the conversation pages (one-to-one, group, and channel) and type @gif in the text of the message, then enter the keyword associated with the animated image you want after creating a space. For example, if you’re looking for an animated image of an apple, just type @gif apple and wait for a list of results to appear. (Do not press the enter key or click send a message).

Send Telegram gif
Send Telegram gif

3- Select your desired image from the displayed list and click on it to send the animated image to the dialogue window.

Add To gif
Add To gif

4- If you right-click on any of the animated images sent and received and select the Save GIF option, the animated image will be visible as a separate list next to your list of stickers, and to use it again, and use it again, just go to your list of stickers and click on the icon displayed with the word GIF.

GIF Archive
GIF Archive

Note: You can benefit from features such as sending videos, photos, Wikipedia encyclopedia information, and movie information in Telegram by using other robots that have been created for this purpose.

  1. @gif – GIF search
  2. @vid – Video search
  3. @pic – Yandex image search
  4. @bing – Bing image search
  5. @wiki – Wikipedia search
  6. @imdb – IMDB search
Note: To use this feature, you do not need to add a robot to your friends list or add it as a member of the group or channel.

Telegram is the most popular and widely used messenger in the world, and its unique features increase the number of its fans day by day. Telegram gif is one of them. As you have read, there are many instructions about GIFs, from how to save them to send them to Telegram groups or a specific person. In this article, we have tried to explain all the important points in this field to you and express the instructions step by step. Finally, we hope this content has been useful to you.

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