How To Create Telegram Group? (Android – IOS – Windows)

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Telegram group is one of the important capabilities of the Telegram messenger.

It can help you to develop business or use it for a friendly chat.

Telegram allows users to participate in a group discussion by creating a group.

But how do we make a group on the Telegram app?

As one of the most popular current messaging apps available, Telegram not only supports single chat.

It also provides additional features such as groups and channels.

I am Jack Ricle from the Telegram Adviser team.

In this article, I want to show how to create Telegram group easily in just 1 minute!

Stay with me and send me a comment at the end of the article.

It is very easy to build a Telegram group, Consider these tips before training.

1- This is mentioned on the official Telegram website That regular groups can have up to 200 members.

Sounds good for a friendly group and it’s enough if you want to use the group for a friendly chat.

2- Watch out for your behavior in Telegram groups, because you don’t know who your audience is, and maybe it’s a bad person.

Never tell your detail to anyone such as phone number, real name and last name, year of birth, Credit card details …

3- Be sure you downloaded the Telegram app from the official website because as you may know Telegram app is open source which means everyone can make customize and publish it. Unofficial versions may cause your account to be hacked in the future and not secure.

How To Create Your Own Telegram Group?

Follow these steps to create your group in just one minute:

  • Tap Telegram App.
  • Tap ☰ Button.
  • Tap the “New Group” Button.
  • Add Your Contacts To Group.
  • Set Desired Name And Picture For Group.
  • Done, You Created Group Successfully.

Step 1: Tap Telegram App.

If you have installed the Telegram app now you can see its icon on the home screen. If you have not installed you can easily download and install it according to the operating system you are using then you have to create an account with a phone number to create a group.

Tap Telegram App

Step 2: Tap ☰ Button.

It’s in the top-left corner next to the Telegram text logo. Tap it once.

Tap ☰ Button

Step 3: Tap the “New Group” Button.

in this section, you should tap on the “New Group” button. It is placed under your profile picture. Tap it once.

Tap “New-Group” Button

Step 4: Add Your Contacts To Group.

You can add your contact to the group, For this purpose select one by one and then tap on the “Blue circular button” It’s in the down-right corner.

Add Your Contacts To Group

Step 5: Set Desired Name And Picture For Group.

Choose a name and picture for your group.

Attention! you can change it at any time.

Set Desired Name And Picture For Group

Step 6: Done, You Created Group Successfully.

Your group is ready, Let’s start to chat with friends!

Your group is ready

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  1. samuel says

    Hi thanks for your article, I created telegram group but when i search for the group using another telegram account, I could not find it but I can see other related group names. What could be the problem? Please, I need an advice.

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Please contact to: Telegram: @salva_support or Whatsapp: +995557715557
      Thank you

    2. Josh says

      Pls, I want to create a telegram channel/group and I don’t want the members to know each other.

      What can I do?

  2. perru says

    How to make another person the administrator of the telegram?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello Perru,
      Please go to channel settings, and set new admin for your channel or group easily.

  3. hero says

    nice article

  4. Leah says

    Good job

  5. Scarlet says

    Can you please tell me how to make a channel?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello Scarlet,
      You can check “Create Telegram Channel” article and find out that how to do this.

  6. Korbin BS2 says

    How many members can I have in the Telegram group?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hi Korbin,
      Up to 5,000 in the normal group and 200,000 in the supergroup.

  7. Zahir190 says

    So useful

  8. Yahir ws5 says

    How can I buy a member for my group?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello Yahir,
      Please contact to support

  9. Alistair says

    Thanks Jack

  10. Slavik says

    Good content 👍

  11. Marques says

    Thank you, I was able to create a group, how can I add members to my group?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello Marques,
      You can buy Telegram members from the shop page or Salva Bot at a cheap price and instant delivery.
      Good luck

  12. Ioana says

    Am creat un grup și când am încercat sa apelez tot grupul în același timp am constatat ca apelul nu este însoțit de apelul sonor necesar ca toti participanți sa ia costinta de întrare în conferința. Cum pot seta aplicația ca la apelarea unui membru din grup către ceilalți membrii sa fie un apel sonor?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Salut zi buna.
      Ar trebui să modificați această opțiune în secțiunea „Setări”.

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