1. Mekhi 1899 says

    Great 👌🏽

  2. Jovvani J38 says

    If I delete my account, will my contacts notice that my account is deleted?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello Jovvani,
      They won’t notice but if they want to send a message to you, They will see “Deleted Account” without profile picture.
      Best regards

  3. Everest says

    The article was useful

  4. Saymon says

    Good job

  5. Sonia S2 says

    If I delete my account, will all my information, including the photos and videos I downloaded on Telegram, be deleted in the files?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello Sonia,
      Nice question! All downloaded files will delete permanently.
      Best regards

  6. Og'abek says

    Assalomu aleykum 2 bosqichli kodni unutdm qanday akkauntmga kirsam bo’ladi

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