Telegram Or WhatsApp, Which One Is Better?

Comparison of Telegram and WhatsApp

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Telegram or WhatsApp? Anne Morrow Lindbergh said, and I quote, “Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after.”

Everyone wants to speak and to be heard and thanks to recent advances in telecommunications, we have both desires answered.

There are several messaging apps to choose from, but let’s take a look at two of the most used messaging applications: Telegram and WhatsApp.

Both WhatsApp and Telegram have their benefits and drawbacks, strengths and weaknesses, and also have certain things in common.

For each of these messaging tools, we’ll take a look into what they both offer in different areas, and what they share in common.

Let’s begin! I’m Jack Ricle from the Telegram Adviser team and in this article, I want to talk about the benefits of Telegram and WhatsApp Messengers.

Telegram or WhatsApp? Which one is safe?


Telegram and WhatsApp Expressions

  1. Expressions

Expressions make texting fun and more easily understood.

Telegram and Whatsapp have taken a step above the use of words to express themselves while messaging. This is where stickers come in place.

Stickers offer more than the traditional emojis that smartphone users are accustomed to.

These stickers were first used in Telegram, but now, WhatsApp has also adopted this feature.

Telegram Group chat
Telegram Group chat
  1. Group chat

This is a feature both Telegram and WhatsApp have in common, but the number in which both platforms hold tells the difference.

Telegram can accommodate up to 100,000 users in a group chat, whereas WhatsApp can only accommodate 256 members.

In addition to these numbers, Telegram has several features such as Voting and Channels.

Channel is a feed that allows only a set of people to post while others present in the group chat read.

This is an excellent feature that comes in handy when trying to avoid spam messages in the group.

To know how to create a Telegram group please read the related article.
WhatsApp And Telegram Encryption
WhatsApp And Telegram Encryption
  1. Encryption

One feature in which WhatsApp reign as king is the end-to-end encryption.

Where WhatsApp provides end-end encryption for all chats, Telegram only uses it for its secret chat.

This feature proves useful if someone manages to intercept sent text, but it turns out scrambled. Cool, right?

File Sharing Telegram And WhatsApp

  1. File Sharing

Be it videos or an image, WhatsApp allows a maximum size of 16 MB for sharing.

Telegram allows up to 1.5GB, thus making it a better option for WhatsApp.

It also saves its media to the cloud, which allows the media to be sent to several contacts without having to upload.

If you have already sent it to one person from your contacts.

Telegram Voice and Video Call

  1. Voice and Video Call

Both WhatsApp and Telegram support voice and video calls. However, there is a difference in hosting group calls. WhatsApp allows a group with only 32 members to start a group voice or video call, while Telegram allows up to 1000 participants for both voice and video calls.

I suggest this article: how to download Telegram voice messages easily?

WhatsApp Cloud Storage

  1. Cloud Storage

As mentioned above, Telegram uses cloud storage that allows images, messages, videos, and documents to be saved on their cloud.

This makes it easier to get back lost files as backup is made available.

WhatsApp also allows you to back up your files although there is a limitation in storage compared to that of Telegram.

Switch Numbers In Telegram And WhatsApp

  1. Switch Numbers

Telegram allows users to switch phone numbers on their account easily.

Once this is done, all their contacts automatically have the new number registered.

WhatsApp only allows for one phone number for one app.

Telegram Language
Telegram Language
  1. Language

Telegram allows users to select a different language from the language initially used on their phones.

This feature covers several languages like German, Spanish, English, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese.

WhatsApp doesn’t support this feature, which is one of its shortcomings.

I wouldn’t mind chatting with a friend in German.

WhatsApp Status

  1. Status

WhatsApp allows for status updates!

It allows the user to choose between using written status, or one in which you can add an image or video, though videos are limited to 30 seconds.

WhatsApp also provides fonts for its users, allowing them to strike through text, italicize and bold their letters if emphasis needs to be placed on certain words.

Telegram doesn’t have this feature.

Telegram And WhatsApp Drafts

  1. Drafts

Telegram allows you to save messages as drafts to a contact.

This is useful if a text was not sent, check the message later, it would be saved as a draft.

It also lets you save a note for yourself in a section called “saved messages.”

WhatsApp doesn’t save drafts for long.

Telegram Security
Telegram Security
  1. Security

WhatsApp is susceptible to hacks. Although security has been stepped up on WhatsApp by the use of two-step verification, yet, it still doesn’t match with Telegram.

The makers of Telegram are so confident in their MTProto security platform. They offer a $200,000 price to anyone who can break into it. Wow, amazing!

Telegram Welcome Notification

  1. Welcome Notification

Telegram notifies you when one of your contacts activates his or her account.

This comes in handy in reaching out to older contacts/friends.

WhatsApp does not inform you if a contact has joined the WhatsApp platform.

Telegram On-Device Support

  1. On-Device Support

Need to ask a question based on your messenger?

Telegram has on-device support where developers answer any question or inquiry though not on a real-time basis.

Go to settings and then Ask a question.

WhatsApp lacks this feature, and they outsource support to your mobile carrier.

Telegram Bot

  1. Bots

Telegram Bots are Telegram accounts designed to do specific tasks which include handling messages automatically.

Every bot has its own set of features and commands.

This is seen in poll bots which are used to create polls in groups, and Storebots which can be used to search for other bots.

You control your bots using HTTPS requests to the boy’s API.

WhatsApp does not have a Bot or an open API.

Comparison of Telegram and WhatsApp

What Messenger Should I Use? Telegram Or WhatsApp?

Just like the saying, “No man is perfect,” no messaging App is perfect.

There is no app with this feature present in it so your choice will have to be based on what you want to be accomplished.

If you are one to look for privacy, then Telegram can be the best option for you as it has a broader range of privacy features.

If you also need to create a group that accommodates a large number of people, Telegram should also be considered, but in a case where you need to access more people, WhatsApp takes the front seat as it is one of the most widely used platforms (it is more used than Telegram). For things like video calls, and fonts, WhatsApp does this like no other.


We have discussed the differences between WhatsApp and Telegram to help you understand which of both apps is safer to use. Ultimately, the choice depends on what you wish to use these apps for. So, make your choice according to what you need.

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      It’s so secure and fast.

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    Which of these messengers is more secure?

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