What Is Telegram Premium Account?

Telegram Premium Account

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What Exactly Is Telegram Premium?

Telegram has said clearly that it wants its application to stay free. However, every service must be rewarding. One option to support Telegram is through its Telegram Premium membership, which attempts to improve the chat experience rather than imposing a paywall that requires joining up.

Telegram Premium includes additional features and disables advertisements.

What Benefits Does the Subscription Provide?

But what exactly does Telegram Premium provide? The list of characteristics is extensive:

  • Increase the number of channels, folders, pins, public links, accounts, and other features
  • Animated emojis
  • Uploads of 4GB as opposed to 2GB
  • Increased download speeds
  • Transcriptions of audio and video communications to text
  • Ads have been deleted
  • Various reactions
  • Personalized emoji
  • Voice Message Privacy Preferences
  • Video message voice-to-text
  • Chat in real-time and channel translation
  • Premium stickers
  • Advanced chat administration
  • Telegram Premium emoji
  • Profile images that are animated
  • Icons for premium apps
  • Emoji popularity

Advantages of premium telegram

How to Join Telegram Premium?

These added benefits persuaded you to sign up. Here’s how to sign up for Telegram Premium:

  1. Launch the Telegram app.
  2. Tap on Settings. Go to Telegram Premium, then click the Subscribe button.
  3. Choose your payment method and begin communicating.

Telegram Premium does have a monthly membership fee. Once subscribed, it will renew automatically each month. Return to the Telegram Premium section of Settings to cancel your membership.

What Features Does Telegram Premium Offer?

A premium user can do the following:

  • Connect up to four accounts.
  • Register for 1,000 channels!
  • Make up to 20 folders, each with up to 200 conversations.
  • Pin up to ten conversations.
  • Pin up to ten of your favorite stickers.

Ten Ways to Monetize Your Telegram Channel

Telegram has had a lot of success in attracting a paying audience. This content discusses ways to commercialize this messenger.

Voice Messaging Decryption

If there is no option to listen to a voice message, Premium customers can rapidly read it. To do so, click the A button: the text will show beneath the message. The text from the audio can be copied by the user.

If a message is lengthy, the text is promptly decoded: the phrases show on the screen at the time of recognition.

  1. Tap and hold the message on iOS.
  2. Tap the area adjacent to the message on Android.
  3. Feedback will assist the team in improving decryption accuracy as the product is refined further.
  4. This is how a recorded audio message appears.
  5. You can copy the text of the audio message’s transcript.

Reactions and stickers

Every month, new stickers from Telegram artists are added. A premium subscription allows you to distribute hundreds of stickers with full-screen effects that are visible to all users.

There are several emoji replies available. Any other user can raise the amount of these emoticons if a premium user answers with one of them.

Archiving and chat folders

Users with Telegram Premium can change the default folder for All Chats to whatever folder they want. Consider the Work Chat folder.

To do so, hold down the desired folder, then tap the Change order button and drag the new folder to the top.

Automatic archiving can be enabled. The Settings tab > Privacy and Security section > Archive and mute option allows you to specify the automatic transfer of new chats from ‘not on your contact list’ to ‘Archive’.

Uploads of up to 4 GB

Every user gets access to unlimited free storage in the Telegram Cloud and can upload files and media up to 2 GB in size. Users can now send files up to 4 GB in size using Telegram Premium.

Faster downloads

Media and files can be downloaded as quickly as possible for premium subscribers. Everything in your limitless cloud storage can be downloaded at the fastest speed your network can provide.

Asterisks and disabled advertisements

Telegram Premium users are marked with an asterisk. In the chat stream and while examining the profile, it appears next to the name. These users do not see Telegram advertising in conversations.

Increased limits

You can save up to ten favorite stickers, follow up to 1000 channels, create up to 20 chat folders with a maximum of 200 chats each, add a fourth account to any Telegram app, and pin-up to ten talks to the main list with Premium.


When you don’t want to listen but still want to see what is being said, you can convert voice chats to text. You can rank transcriptions to help them improve.

Chat management

Telegram Premium assists you in organizing your discussion list. Change the default chat folder, for example, so that the app always starts in a certain category, such as Unread, rather than All Chats.

Animated profile pictures

Everyone who uses the app, including chats and the chat list, will be able to watch premium users’ dynamic profile videos. Show off your new look to the world, or demonstrate your creativity with a stunning looping animation.

No Ads

Sponsored messages are carried on major networks in some countries. These subtle, privacy-conscious advertisements help Telegram pay operational costs, but they will no longer be available to Telegram Premium users.

Apart from these significant developments for premium customers, other features include App icons, special badges, unique responses, and distinctive stickers. All public people and organizations are now eligible for verification badges, allowing consumers to believe that the information they are receiving is from a reliable source.

Telegram Premium Pricing

Telegram Premium Pricing

Depending on where you live, Telegram Premium costs £4.99, $4.99, or €5.49. It will be handled through the Play Store or App Store, depending on your device, as with all other mobile app subscriptions.

The subscription must be paid monthly. Unfortunately, there are no choices for a yearly membership to keep costs low. You can still use Telegram without a paid membership; you simply won’t have access to the extra features. By purchasing Telegram Premium, you gain access to a number of exciting features that will change the way you interact with others.

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