What Is Telegram Directory? (Telegram Channel List)

Telegram Directory

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Telegram directory or Telegram channel list is so important for increasing targeted members and customers.

Telegram Directory is so important tool for people who have an online business, they can find their competitors and also get ideas for the job.

You can search on Telegram and find your competitors. Telegram has some problems with searching.

It can show just a couple of channels or groups and you can’t find all of them easily.

What’s the solution? The telegram directory is what you need for this purpose.

So far, you’ve learned how important the Telegram Directory is and how important it can be in developing an online business.

I am Jack Ricle from the Telegram adviser team. In this article, I want to check all aspects of registering a channel or group in the Telegram Directory.

We’ve already figured out how to create Telegram channel for business and how to introduce our products on Telegram messenger.

What Is Telegram Directory

What Is Telegram Directory?

Telegram Directory is a website where you can submit your Telegram channel or group link for free.

First of all, you need to sign up in the directory and enter the channel or group link address carefully.

The site’s robot will automatically collect information such as channel or group name, description, amount of members, and profile picture.

After that, you can see your channel/group detail on the directory.

To find out how to search on Telegram you can take a look at the related articles.

Telegram directory or buy members

Submit Link In Telegram Directory Or Buy Members?

One of the most important questions asked by users was whether to buy Telegram members or just submit Telegram channel or group links to directories.

To answer this question I would say, you should do both of them.

Buying Telegram members is a good method to increase your audience and get targeted members.

You must sign up in the Telegram directory and submit your link for free.

The advantage of this is that you can attract people who are interested in your job by registering your link for free.

That makes you have more customers and most importantly, it’s free and won’t take much time.

submit Telegram channel or group in directory

Is It Useful To Submit Telegram Channel / Group In The Directory?

Absolutely yes! Directories are the best method for introducing Telegram channels and groups.

The directory has many users and you can easily find any derivative people by submitting the link.

To get a better result, I suggest that you pay a small fee to register your link in the special section so that more people can see the link and you will get more members.

You need to be more active and publish attractive posts.

Telegram channels and groups that haven’t useful content, will not succeed.

We conclude that just submitting links in the directory is not enough to develop a business.

submit link in Telegram directory

How Can I Submit My Channel / Group In Directory?

To submit your Telegram channel or group link in directories, you should search “Telegram directory” or “Telegram channel list” on google and check the result to find the best websites.

When you find a reputable site, Then you should follow these steps below to submit your link for free:

  1. Check the target website and find the best category for your business.
  2. Find the Sign up / Register button and click that.
  3. Fill out the form and insert your name, email, and set a password for the account.
  4. Click on the “Add New Link” or “Submit Your Link” button.
  5. Insert your Telegram channel or group detail such as Name, Link, and some tags.
  6. Now you can see your link on the directory.

attract members from Telegram directory

How To Attract More Telegram Members?

To get more interested members you should set an attractive description, name, and tags.

You can also use words that get users’ attention and force them to click on your link to see what content is waiting for them.

For example, you can use the name of the year (2020 or 2021) and words like: unique, rare, amazing, free, wonderful, etc.

best Telegram directory

Which Telegram Directory Is Reliable?

There are many Telegram directories that you can easily find on google.

But some themes will not increase your channel or group members. We suggest addtelegrammember for this purpose.

This website provides Telegram members, to post views, and votes at a low price and high quality.

You can submit your channel/group link in the directory section for free.


Telegram directory is a site that collects links from other sites and categorizes them by topic. It is a tool that helps you to make your Telegram channel or group more visible, thus increasing your target audience. By submitting Telegram channel or group link, more people can see the link and you will get more members. Above we have explained how to submit your link for free. We hope this article will help you to develop your online business and get the best result.

We hope this article will help you to develop your online business and get the best result.

I suggest reading the Telegram supergroup article.


1- What is a Telegram directory?

It is a website that you can submit your channel or group.

2- Does it effect on promote my channel or group?

Yes. Interested people will find your channel and group.

3- How to find best Telegram directories?

You can read this article for this purpose.

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