How To Create Telegram Backup?

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Telegram backup is so important issue for those who are worried about losing their information.

For example, you want to save your chat detail in the word file or export it to another format on the memory.

Telegram users can share messages, images, videos, and documents encrypted.

It is officially available for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS, and users can exchange messages, photos, videos, and files for up to 1.5 GB.

One of the problems with Telegram messenger is you are unable to create a backup from chats! but don’t worry every problem has a solution.

Sometimes you may mistakenly delete chat of telegram messages or lose them for other reasons.

When this happens you will see how it is difficult to backup your chats again or maybe you forget at all.

Because Telegram has no backup option and you have to do it manually.

I am Jack Ricle from Telegram Adviser team and in this article, I want to show how you can create a backup file from all your chat data.

Stay with me until the end, and send us your comment to provide better services.

There Are 3 Ways To Create a Full Backup From Telegram:

  • Print your chat history.
  • Create a full backup from the Telegram desktop version.
  • Use the “Save Telegram Chat History” google chrome extension.

First Method: Copy And Paste Chat Texts, Then Print Them.

The easiest way to create a backup of Telegram chat history is to copy and paste your message.

In this way, you should open your Telegram account on desktop (windows) and then select all (CTRL+A) and then press (CTRL+C) to copy your all messages in the clipboard and then paste them into a word file.

Now you can print it. Notice that in this method maybe you will have trouble because maybe your chat history is so long! in this case, use another way to create a backup and export your chat history.

Second Method: Create a full backup from the Telegram desktop version.

In the latest version of Telegram that was released for desktop (windows), you can create a full backup from your Telegram account easily with many options.

Users that have an older version of Telegram for PC will not see this option in the setting so at first you must update the app or download the latest version.

Follow these steps: Setting –> Advanced –> Export Telegram Data

backup from Telegram desktop

When you tap on the “Export Telegram Data” button, a new window will appear on your screen.

You can customize the Telegram backup file. let’s know these options.

Telegram Backup Options

Account Information: Your profile information such as account name, ID, profile picture, number, and … will export too.

Contacts List: This is the option used for backup Telegram contacts (phone numbers and contacts name).

Personal Chats: will save all your private chats to the file.

Bot Chats: All messages that you sent to Telegram robots will also be stored in the backup file.

Private Groups: To archive chat history from private groups that you joined.

Only my Messages: This is a subcategory option for the “Private Groups” option and if you enable it, only messages you have sent to private groups will be saved in the backup file, and messages from other users in the groups will not be included.

Private Channels: All messages that you have sent to private channels will be stored in the Telegram backup file.

Public Groups: All messages sent and received in public groups will be saved in the final backup.

Public Channels: Save all messages on public channels.

Photos: Save all sent and received photos.

Video Files: Save all videos that you sent and received in chats.

Voice Messages: Your backup file will include all your voice messages (.ogg format). To learn how to download Telegram voice messages take look at this helpful article.

Round Video Messages: The video messages that you sent and received will add to the backup file.

Stickers: For backup from all stickers that exist in your current account.

Animated GIF: Enable this option if you want to backup all animated GIFs too.

Files: Use this option to backup all files that you have downloaded and uploaded. below this option is a slider that can set the volume limit for the desired file. for example, if you set the volume limit to 8 MB, the files which are less than 8 MB will be included and larger files will ignore. if you want to save all file information, drag the slider to the end to save all the files.

Active Sessions: To store active session data that are available on your current account.

Miscellaneous Data: Save all remaining information that didn’t exist in the previous options.

Almost done! To set the location file tap on “Download path” and customize it then specify the backup file type.

This file can be in HTML or JSON format, I recommend selecting HTML. finally, click on the “EXPORT” button and wait for the telegram backup to complete.

Third Method: “Save Telegram Chat History” google chrome extension.

If you use google chrome on your computer, install the “Save Telegram Chat History” extension and create your Telegram backup easily.

For this purpose you need to use Telegram web and it doesn’t work on phones or desktop versions. 

1- Install the “Save Telegram Chat History” chrome extension to the browser.

Save Telegram Chat History

2- Login to Telegram web then Go to your target chat and click on the extension icon, it’s at the top of your browser.

click on the chrome extension icon

3- In this section click the “All” button to collect all your chat history.

If you can’t see whole the chat messages in the field, go to chat windows and scroll up to the end and then do this step again. at the end click on the save icon.

Almost done! you just need to save the backup file (.txt). now you can open your file with WordPad or notepad.

Media files (picture, video, sticker, and GIF) won’t be stored in this backup and you should send media to save messages.

save your Telegram backup file

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  1. Dani D4 says

    This is so helpful, thank you sir. good job.

  2. bev says

    Does this apply for deleted chat history as well? Or only chats that are still in chat history ?

  3. Marcus says

    Not one ot those options works for secret chats in telegram.

  4. aqikudi says

    fantastic jobbbb

  5. Shivaaiy says

    How to restore the chats which we backup on desktop.

    For example… I format my phone, before that I backup everything as explained above, on my desktop.

    Then once I re-install Telegram on my phone & want to restore everything including personal chat history with everyone, how do I do that…?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello sir. if you login with your phone number, all your previews data will load. for exp you chats, your contacts and …

    2. sara says

      if i may ask, can you please tell me how to import those back up ?

  6. William M Smalls says

    So I have several exported HTML files store
    On my desktop but how do I imoort them back into telegram
    For example if I have folder from Sept 2020 which had all my chats
    But say in October I got new phonr and my telegram had all my contact but chat box is blank
    How do I put Sept export restore to telegram?

    1. sara says

      hi sir, did you find a way for that ? please tell me if its

  7. Alexand3 says

    Thank you for this. Very helpful

    1. Jack Ricle says


  8. Yeabsira says

    I really need your help please! a hacker logged in to my telegram account and setup a two step verification password, I terminated his session in active session before he did mine. Now I can’t log in to another device because I don’t know the cloud password he set. what can I do?
    I haven’t logged out from my pc so if I export all my data like the one above and reset the account can I get it all back? Please help I really need it

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Please contact me on Telegram messenger.

  9. Asif Mehmood says

    Hi Jack, one of my Telegram Group members lost all of the chat histories including photos, videos, etc. I am the admin but don’t know how can I restore her messages. Can you please help?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello Asif,
      Please send me message on Telegram.

  10. Lovely says

    If I delete my account can I get my private messages again if I dont save them but I have deleted them from my chat

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