“Gram” Cryptocurrency will be available in two months

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Telegram wants to provide new cryptocurrency that can challenge all the world’s currencies which is called “Gram”. Telegram company has announced it plans to raise 1.2 billion dollar in capital. In its initial presell, Telegram was able to raise 850 million dollar from 81 investors, That is acceptable figure. Telegram seeks to introduce a new cryptocurrency that can meet the needs of many people, including over 200 million Telegram users. Current digital currencies have serious weaknesses that Telegram wants to provide a flawless cryptocurrency, Current digital currencies such as “Bitcoin” and “Ethereum” do not have the capacity to replace with credit cards such as “VISA” or “MasterCard”. Gram has an attractive user interface that makes it easy for a beginner user to purchase, store and transfer currency. I’m Jack Ricle from Telegram Adviser team, In this article I want to explore the new currency of the digital world that called “Gram”. Stay with me and send us your comments.

Benefits of Gram Currency

What are business benefits of “Gram” currency over other digital currencies?

Most benefits of “Gram” digital currency are similar to other cryptocurrency such as:

  • Lower fees
  • Fraud reduction
  • Instant payments
  • No barriers
  • Risk of Loss
  • Access to Everyone
  • Immediate Settlement
  • Identity Theft
  • Fraud

but this is not the whole story, The Gram cryptocurrency has more benefits that we will mention below. Keep in mind that all of the digital currencies not belong to reputable company, While “Gram” belongs to the Telegram Company and it is expected to gain fame in the future. But what are the benefits of the Gram?

High Speed And Accuracy

1- High Speed And Accuracy

Speed and accuracy is one of most important features for all cryptocurrency, Gram is no exception and it can perform one million transactions per second! To better understand this concept, you need to compare this cryptocurrency with Visa payment services, According to company representatives, Visa has the ability to handle about 24,000 transactions per second, which can reach up to 56,000 but this is insignificant compared to the amount of “Gram” transaction.

Confiscate Property

2- No one can confiscate your property.

Yes that’s right. If you invest in digital currency, it is not possible for others to track your property. Like all digital currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and etc, Gram cryptocurrency can’t be tracked. That’s why you can invest in this digital currency safely and not worry about confiscate your property.

Tax Free

3- Tax Free

As you know, investing in banks involves some of the side costs, one of which is taxes. This is not the case with digital currencies and you can save any amount of capital you have and be tax free. The Gram is no exception! Taxes always had heavy costs for people especially the poorest part of society. With the advent of science and the introduction of digital currencies, this is slowly disappearing!

No Additional Fees

4- There are no additional fees for financial transfers.

Banks have set certain fees for financial transactions, So that you will pay fees for your transactions. The Gram cryptocurrency does not follow this rule and you can have unlimited transactions without paying fees. I suggest you to read this article: How To Secure Your Telegram Account And Protect It From Hackers?

No Risk For Refund

5- There is no risk of refund.

Certainly any investor is worried about losing his property that this would be pointless with the introduction of Gram cryptocurrency. As mentioned, digital currencies are highly secure. You can transfer any amount of money you want! No worries about tracking transactions. Hope you enjoyed reading this article, Send us your feedback so we can provide a better service.

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