What is Telegram’s TON Blockchain? When $1.7 Billion Project will be released?

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Telegram’s TON blockchain that users were waiting for, according to the official statement is expected to be released on october 31. The most important reason for Telegram to use “Blockchain” technology is release gram cryptocurrency and having a share of the cryptocurrency market such as bitcoin. Telegram are looking for increase retail sales in this messenger by up to 500 million dollar but we have to wait and see how successful this project will be in the future. according to Telegram official website, the “blockchain” platform will be known as “The Open Network” or “TON” alias. this technology is similar to the “blockchain” that used in bitcoin with some advancement in speed and accuracy.

if TON project succeeds, the background will be key to realizing future plans. the gram cryptocurrency on blockchain network will be available for purchase and sale by users. Telegram wants an impenetrable user interface that support unique currency.

Telegram’s TON blockchain has a database which is not located specific location and it is distributed on all computers that are connected to the network! are there any restrictions on using the Telegram’s TON blockchain? does it cost to use it? does it on Telegram messenger or will it be provided on a separate platform? we do not know the answer to these questions at this time. many questions about TON Blockchain details have not been answered.

How Much Will The Gram Cost?

As we approach the official launch of the digital currency of the Telegram called Gram, speculation about this digital currency has grown. The Blackmon exchange that seems to have a very close relationship with the telegram and its investors, hoping to be the first currency exchange operator after release TON (Blockchain) that can sell the Gram tokens officially. The TON project attracted more than $1.7 billion in two rounds of fundraising with large investors from around the world. according to coindesk website: Investors have paid between $0.37 and $1.33 per Gram. a few days ago the Telegram blockchain code was officially released on the network for test that developers can use it to check TON network performance and run their own “Node”.

One of the Blackmoon senior executives: The price per “gram” of digital currency is likely to be about $3 at the time of release.

This video has just been released on YouTube that shows experience of work with Telegram digital currency that called “Gram” and “TON” network. Telegram has not yet validated this video. take a look to this attractive video:

Latest news from the Telegram’s blockchain

According to the investors agreement with Telegram, if the company fails to launch its TON network by October 31, The token sale contract will be canceled and the company has to refund the investors money. Telegram blockchain will have many capabilities such as fast and cheap transactions, as well as smart contract execution and decentralized application development. To trust the telegram blockchain system, we have to ask : is Telegram secure? the answer is yes, Telegram is one of the most secure messenger in world that use End-to-end encryption for transfer data between users.

Source coindesk
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