What Is “Scam” Label Next To Telegram Username? How To Report Telegram Scammers?

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Scam on Telegram? Does it true? the answer is yes and Telegram scammers are really exist so you have to be careful when someone sends you a message for the first time! if you don’t know him and you think he is a scammer do not just block him also report it to Telegram support team, they will check the issue and if he reported by another users, they will add “SCAM” sign to his account (next to his username) so other users will know that it’s a scammer person and they wont trust to him anymore. What will happen if people report your Telegram account by mistake? how do you prove it wrong if competitors report your Telegram account? this is the first that this issue is under consideration by Telegram Adviser team. I’m Jack Ricle and I want to share my experience with you in this article, stay with with me and send us your comment at the end.

What are scam techniques in the Telegram messenger?

There 2 ways that scammers use to cheat users as follows:

  1. Phishing.
  2. Fake product or service.

Telegram never wants money or ask you to verify the identity. usually scammers will encourage you to click on a phishing link and when you insert your account password, they can access to your Telegram account then you will be hacked. if you have received message from Telegram and it hasn’t blue tick, just ignore it and report that account.

Another method of Telegram scammers is fake product with low price for example they offer a discounted product and when you want to pay will got error like this “Incorrect Card Details”. in fact you sent the card details to scammers! due to increased awareness of Telegram users on phishing pages, scammers will use new ways to gain your trust.

Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and etc cannot be tracked so if they will use these you cannot sue them and the account holder will hide.

Scam Mark Next To Telegram Username

What Happens When You Report a Telegram Account?

Telegram has new feature to detect scammers, details can be found in the above image. when you report a Telegram account as scammer, if many users reported that account it will approve by Telegram support team and will get “SCAM” sign next to its username. the bio section will display warning text that contain:

⚠️ Warning: Many users reported this account as a scam. Please be careful, especially if it asks you for money.

Scam Sign

How To Report a Telegram Account as Scammer?

To report an account as scam you there two different way. in the first method you should enter Telegram support and explain the issue in “Please describe your problem” field. note that you have to explain all details such as: name, id, scam method, amount of money, date and screen shot of your chat. you can’t attach image in support page so you can upload it on a website like imgbb and insert your link in the field. for more information look the below picture.

Report a Telegram Account as Scam

Second method: in method way you can send message to @notoscam and explain the issue with the previous method algorithm then you will receive confirmation from Telegram support team and your request will be reviewed. if your request is correct that account will get “SCAM” label and his business channel or group will closed temporary. to get a better result, i suggest to provide complete explanation. if you got “SCAM” sign for no reason, use @notoscam and try to fix the problem. your competitors may wanted to destroyed your Telegram account by reporting you as scammer but every problem has a solution! i suggest to secure Telegram account before taking any action.

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    1. Hazel RIchards says

      Hello Justin

      I have been scammed of bitcoin. Are you able to assist me in the matter? Please send me your email address so I can chat with you.


      1. AbdulAzeez says

        Great, Thanks.

    2. Lehlogonolo Mashiteng says

      Hi I was scammed R14200 by a guy called forex guru on telegram, I have details on him, and even his company certificate.

    3. tinado says

      Hello. this was great

    4. Thevigah says

      Sir I’m from Malaysia. I inveseted in Bitcoin Trading World platform last year November till now I didn’t get any money sir?Almost every month I pay them with so many excuses. I didn’t get any money already 9 months now sir?Can yout help me in this sir

      1. Jack Ricle says

        Hello Thevigah, please send me message on Telegram messenger.

  3. jeremy walsh says

    i removed my scam label from the account. thanks telegram adviser.

    1. Chals says

      Hi jeremy, My account was labeld scam by mistake. How did you removed yours?

    2. MelissaMcCarthy says

      How did you do so

    3. daniel alaye says


  4. One9 says

    Hii Am Owner Of @goodbyescammers
    We also Have Escrow group to Help To New Users To safe From scammers. thanks for great article.

  5. Naweera says

    Hi I have been scammed by bitcoin please can you help me

    1. Jack Ricle says

      hello, report the scammer to telegram support. they will review your request and after approve, he/she will get scam label. good luck.

  6. Farukh Majeed says

    Dear sir my bitcoin scam. jack please help me thanks sir.

  7. Kel Unceri says

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    You definitely put a new whirl on a topic that’s been written about for years.

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  14. Irvin says

    I got scammed by one T.me/Americantradingmarket and he had me blocked and nothing was done about it.he scammed of a total of $510 and he cleared the both of our chat and he clicked website have reported the channel but nothing has been done about it yet

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    Hi how can I tell if am trading with a scammer,in forex or Bitcoin trading,they even have a channel,,is it true that we get a 100%profitable income.please let me know..

  19. Umer says

    Hello sir My telegram group labeled as scam without any reason kindly remove the label, some spammers reported us fake

    1. Nelsonjohn2046 says

      Please how did you remove yours i am also encountering the same thing as i write this please me…

  20. Ndubuisi Samuel says

    Hello how can I recover my assets, I have been scammed of bitcoin and I want to recover it.

    1. Ndubuisi Samuel says

      Send me your email so that I can chat with you

    2. Jack Ricle says

      Hello sir, yes you can send message to telegram support for this purpose

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    1. Nags says

      How please help me. I got scammed from telegram channel.

      1. Jack Ricle says

        Hello Nags, you should send message to https://t.me/notoscam and explain your issue, they will check it.

  22. Ricky says

    thanks for this useful article

  23. Cina says

    I got cheated in telegram Channel $100 can I get the money back?

    1. Jack Ricle says

      You can send message to https://t.me/notoscam and tell them this issue. you should get your money from that person. but Telegram can set a scammer label for that account.

  24. Michelle says

    I have been scammed by smart investment, after scamming they change to hotweb forex investment channel and the admin is gary Taylor

  25. Nyca says

    Thank you

  26. Xeceed says

    I am a victim of scam and I need help guys. It’s on telegram his group channel is Binary Bitcoin Trading.

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    I recently got scammed, their telegram group is Klatforex.

    How do i report this please

  30. Benjamin Sifaly says

    if you got scammed on telegram like me, write to [email protected] or visit the fundsparlay websyte and you may get your moneyy back as i did.

  31. Wilhelm Burst says

    Hi, for those who are looking at this, please report this currently trending scam. Please check @BitAccelerateBot because it is an investment ponzi scan. Some red flags are

    1. The entity that they are claiming to be connected in says that they do not have any telegram bots. The legitimate website is bitaccelerate.com. You can check it out

    2. They are asking for money in cryptocurrency and promises they will give our profits if the members invite others to do the same. They are not registered under SEC to do so legally

    3. Thousands of users have already been scammed and they are circulating thousands of US dollars already illegally

  32. cool Brise says

    I habe been scammed of my bitcoins today by a guy called Micheal scott with phone number +1(802)227 4345.. with a fake website called metacryptos please don’t fall for them too

  33. Mzamo says

    Hello guys i been scammed too in telegram by a group called FOREX ROBOT, they advised me to send the money using Luno bitcoin i did they provided me with the robot but not the license, if told me to send him an email of our chat and my mt4 account which ii did all of a sudden he said he does not know me and he has blocked me from his support team and has deleted our conversation ido have all our conversation what can i do?

  34. orji ifenna says

    I have been scammed in a group called opay cash investment,after making my payment to them,instead of me to get paid,they told me my package have upgrade,I paid again and they re still saying the same thing,I was blocked from the group

  35. Akash Rai says

    I was scamed by a man who is sailing ucc for pub g I have all details of him . Plz anyone help me msg ne in my gmail or whatsapp no ยฑ919216210098

  36. Flavia says

    Hello l was scammed on telegram by hot web forex investment can l get mi money back.controller was faiza omar

  37. Forever says

    I am scammed by a group named Accessfund in btc amounting to $90. Can I recover my money ?

  38. Mandepudi Sunil Kumar says

    Hi Team

    Please kindly block the Telegram guy @BLOCKCHAINchatSUPPORT1 who is deframing and scamming many investors like me and fraudulent people operation s with many people suffering like me lot. I lost 1600 dollars and please take strict and disciplinary action against him.
    I lost 1600 dollars and kindly please help my money admin sir. I catch your legs.please help me sir



  39. Amir Abbas says

    Sir I am scammed on Telegram many scammer are using Telegram. I am giving you their User names @Blundelltrader1, @Miguel2255
    @Delson_mark9, @james_patrick9

  40. Amir Abbas says

    Mostly scammer on Telegram

  41. Joshua abuyen says

    Hello sir i heard you can help me to get back my money ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ from a forextrading scammer please help me
    I’m from the Philippines and I invested to forex trading platform by the admin name @John_matwos last month January till now I didn’t get any money sir / madam almost every weeks I pay him with his so many excuses that need like this to pay ,need this for charge etc. and always make a promises that this is that last payment etc. Until now I didn’t get any money already 1 months plus now sir /madam please help me to get back all my money estimated amount of my hard-earned money that I give to him is about 3000$ please me God will bless you sir /madam please help me ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello Joshua,
      Please send message to https://t.me/notoscam bot.

  42. Joseph says

    Report all your bitcoin scam to Joseph miller works with FBi with username on telegram @bitcoinstore_admin

  43. Franco welmans says

    How to report a scammer

    1. Jack Ricle says

      Hello Franco,
      send your report to https://t.me/notoscam bot.

  44. Leong says

    Hi I had being scam in bitcoin about USD15000.Anyway i could retrieve back my money?

  45. Forex says

    โš ๏ธ Warning: Many users reported this account as a scam or a fake account. Please be careful, especially if it asks you for money.

  46. Tamara says

    @robert_wilson19 , @walterbrian21 , @jennifermason or she might go under the name @kylekitton are all scammers big time please be careful of them

  47. Nelsonjohn2046 says

    Hi i was wrongly labelled a scam on telegram how do i remove it please

  48. Mohan says

    Scammer in teligram group

  49. Mohan says

    Teligram in Scamer group and cheat with me

  50. Jiana Kim Woo Tae Xing says

    Hello my name is Jiana, I want to report a scammer he is really devil, He tricked me and stole my Telegram account through WhatsApp with $ 66 and he is a scammer. Please report he as Scammer
    ID Username Scammer: @iamWitchKing
    I checked him profile but he said I am Hacker Dark Lord Witch King

  51. Tomas says

    Hello He is Scammer please pay attention if anyone see it.
    He hacked my website and my payments He also scammer I pay $90 for add new subscribers to my channel but he blocked me and hacked my website and payments. His real account telegram @iamWitchKing he wrote on his bio: i am hacker dark lord witch king

  52. Samuel Saviour says

    Hello there, good day
    I have a similar issue of been scammed on telegram all in the name of trading investment, the trading investment plan involved $100 to get $1000 in return as profit in the space of 48hrs, of which they get a commission of 20% and now when it was time to send me the profit, he asked me to send him 20% first before he can send me the profits instead of taking the 20% first before sending the 80% to me. Till today he’s still asking me to send the commission and failure to do that in 72hrs, that my profits will be locked.

    Meanwhile I used another account to send him a message about the same investment and that he should let me all about the investment and it’s policy. Of which he did, and it was different from what is currently happening to me on the other.

    His policy demand that he takes the 20% before sending the remaining profit which is 80% which he went against.

    If you want chat proof in form of screenshot I can do that

    1. Raffaella says

      I would like to say I had the same experience of being scammed asking for their fees before receiving my profit. Also requesting 1000 for bank transaction fees. They are promising 100% profits return from a 200 investment. Trading in Markets are not easy and obtaining 100 % is not realistic.
      The scammers are, Tradexpert Signals and Prime Forex Trading. Both have Telegram channel. They all want to get paid in Bitcoin. Stay away .

  53. Mrs Patricia says

    my telegram group was labelled scam for no reason and i have never scam anyone in the group

  54. Frida says

    Scam @iamWitchKing

  55. Lee Fei says

    my telegram group and channel as well as my telegram account HACKED by someone called Witch King Hacker.
    Scammer: @iamWitchKing

  56. Lee Fei says

    same me mister , i got victimed by him. all my payment stold!!!

  57. Joerjiana says

    hello to this admin of the website !
    my Telegram Account , Snap as well as Instagram Attacked by Sinister Witch King Hacker and scamed all my bussines and traders. plz labe it to SCAM to against more victims.
    @iamWitcKing : Sinister Dark OverLord Witch King Hacker

  58. Joerjiana says

    yes i know him , as well my account hacked due he sent me a picture but after openning picture i kicked out of my account amd after try to login back does it activated Password 2 step verfication ๐Ÿ™

  59. Adam says

    Scam @iamWitchKing

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