What Is “Scam” Label On Telegram?

Scam Label On Telegram

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Scam on Telegram? Is it true? the answer is yes and Telegram scammers exist so you have to be careful when someone sends you a message for the first time! If you don’t know him and you think he is a scammer do not just block him also report it to the Telegram support team. Telegram team will check the issue and if he is reported by another user, they will add a “SCAM” sign to his account (next to his username) so other users will know that it’s a scammer person and they won’t trust him anymore.

What will happen if people report your Telegram account by mistake? how do you prove it wrong if competitors report your Telegram account?

This is the first that this issue has been under consideration by Telegram Adviser team.

I’m Jack Ricle and I want to share my experience with you in this article, stay with me and send us your comment at the end.

What Are Scam Techniques In The Telegram Messenger?

There 2 ways that scammers use to cheat users as follows:

  1. Phishing

Telegram never wants money or asks you to verify your identity. Usually, scammers will encourage you to click on a phishing link when you insert your account password. They can access your Telegram account then you will be hacked. If you have received a message from Telegram and it hasn’t a blue tick, just ignore it and report that account.

  1. Fake product or service
Another method of Telegram scammers is a fake product with a low price.

for example, they offer a discounted product and when you want to pay will get an error like this “Incorrect Card Details”.

You sent the card details to scammers! due to increased awareness of Telegram users on phishing pages, scammers will use new ways to gain your trust. Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc cannot be tracked so if they use these you cannot sue them and the account holder will hide.

Scam Mark Next To Telegram Username

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What Happens When You Report a Telegram Account?

Telegram has a new feature to detect scammers, details can be found in the above image.

When you report a Telegram account as a scammer, if many users report that account it will be approved by the Telegram support team and will get a “SCAM” sign next to its username.

The bio section will display warning text that contains:

⚠️ Warning: Many users reported this account as a scam. Please be careful, especially if it asks you for money.

Scam Sign

How To Report a Telegram Account as a Scammer?

To report an account as a scam there are two different ways.

In the first method, you should enter Telegram support and explain the issue in the “Please describe your problem” field.

Note that you have to explain all details such as name, ID, scam method, amount of money, date, and a screenshot of your chat.

You can’t attach an image to the support page so you can upload it on a website like imgbb and insert your link in the field. for more information look at the below picture.

Report a Telegram Account as Scam

In this method way, you can send a message to the @notoscam bot and explain the issue with the previous method algorithm then you will receive confirmation from the Telegram support team and your request will be reviewed.

If your request is correct that account will get a “SCAM” label and his business channel or group will close temporarily.

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To get a better result, I suggest providing a complete explanation. if you have a “SCAM” sign for no reason, use @notoscam and try to fix the problem.

You can also directly report a Telegram scam account or channel:

  • Click on the three dots on the user profile screen
  • Select the Account Report option.
  • Choose the reason behind the report and select submit.
I suggest reading: secure a Telegram account before taking any action.


This article gives you everything you need to know about Telegram Scam Label. When an account is reported more than once by users, Telegram puts the Scam sign next to the account name. However, to avoid Telegram scams, you need to report them to Telegram for verification.

“Scam” Label On Telegram
“Scam” Label On Telegram
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