What Is Telegram Poll And Votes?

Telegram Poll And Votes

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Telegram poll is a useful feature that you can use for channels and groups. For example, you have a business channel that wants to know about users’ feedback.

The Telegram poll is the best solution for getting feedback and being intimate with your users. This new feature lets you vote on a specific topic; the important point is that people can anonymously vote. Also, you notice how many people have participated in your poll.

To create a Telegram poll, the first step is to ask a question from users for example “How satisfied are you with our service?” or “Which way do you choose to get the product?”.

After selecting your question you should provide some answers, and make your question more attractive to receive more votes.

I’m Jack Ricle from the Telegram Adviser team and in this article, I want to talk about the Telegram poll and how to create it. stay with me and send us your comments.

Telegram Poll Usage

What Is The Telegram Poll Usage?

Telegram poll can be used for any kind of channel and group for example if you have a business channel you can create a poll and receive votes. If you have an entertainment channel, to produce better content and attract more members create a Telegram poll and be aware of your user’s votes.

Maybe you want to put a new product on sale, it is best to ask your users before doing anything. You can set a lottery with the Telegram polls and finally give your users a gift or a discount coupon. It can attract new users to your channel or group. People who have registered for the lottery to get more votes and win should introduce your channel to their friends.

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Benefits of Telegram poll:

  • Grows user activity.
  • Attract new members.
  • Members will trust your channel.
  • Increase your brand popularity.
  • Makes your other content visible.
  • You will know your user’s interests.

Create Telegram Poll

How To Create Telegram Poll?

  • Step 1: Open the Telegram app
  • Step 2: Tap on the group where you want to run the poll
  • Step 3: Tap on the Paperclip icon at the bottom-left corner of your device screen. (on PC, click on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner of the screen.)
  • Step 4: Select Poll from the available options.
  • Step 5: In the Question field, write your question and in the Poll Options, write your answer selections.
  • Step 6: In the next section, there are three options. The first option is Anonymous Voting, which is enabled by default. It allows you to vote without revealing your identity. The second one is Multiple Answers, which allows you to check more than one answer option. If you want to allow for only one correct answer on the Poll, enable Quiz Mode.
  • Step 7: Tap on the Send button to make the poll.

How To Create A Telegram Poll By Bot?

To create a Telegram poll should you must first specify the title.

It can be as a question or anything else then specify some options for the polls so that members can vote.

In this section, I want to show you how to create a Telegram poll easily and how to put it in a channel or group.

To create a telegram poll you need to use “VoteBot” it’s really simple. It will provide you with many options for example “Public” and “Anonymous” modes.

In this part, we will learn how to create a public Telegram poll and then I will show how to create an anonymous poll, stay with me until the end of the article.


Follow these steps to create a public poll in a channel or group:

  • Step 1: Search and find the “@vote” robot. you can search for it on the Telegram app or write “@vote” in your save the message and tap on the link. Click the “START” button.

@Vote Bot

  • Step 2: Tap on the “Public” button.

Public Button

  • Step 3: Write your question for a poll topic for example: “What’s wrong with our service?” or “Which of our services are you satisfied with?”.

Write Question For Poll Topic

  • Step 4: Set the first answer according to your poll topic then send it to the vote bot.

First Answer

  • Step 5: Send your second and next answers, any number of answers you want to put in your poll, and users can vote by them.

Second and next answers

  • Step 6: After choosing your answers tap on the “/done” link or write it and send it to the vote bot.

Tap /done button

  • Step 7: It’s done and your poll has been created successfully. Now you should publish it so tap on the “Publish Poll” button.

Tap on publish button

  • Step 8: Choose the channel or group that you want to publish the poll.

Choose your channel or group

  • Step 9: Test your poll and tap on the first answer.

Test your poll

  • Step 10: If your vote is submitted and you can see your ID next to your answer, it’s working properly. Well done!

Public poll successfully works


If you want your poll to be private, you should create an anonymous Telegram poll this means other members are not able to see participants’ IDs and names. If privacy matters to you and your members, I suggest using this method.

Follow the step-by-step guide to creating an anonymous Telegram poll:

  • Step 1: Start the @vote bot and tap on the anonymous button it’s next to the public button.

Tap on anonymous button

  • Step 2: Send your question (Anonymous Poll Topic) to the @vote bot.

Anonymous Poll Topic

  • Step 3: Write your answers for the anonymous Telegram poll and tap /do.

Answers for anonymous Telegram poll

  • Step 4: Now your poll has been ready and you should tap on the “Publish Poll” button to use it in your channel or group.

Publish Anonymous Telegram Poll

  • Step 5: Almost done! now test your anonymous poll and tap on the first answer.

Test your anonymous poll

  • Step 6: If your vote is submitted and you can’t see your ID next to the answer, Your poll works properly.

Your anonymous poll works properly


Telegram Polls are an effective tool to find out the opinions of the group or channel members and assess their needs and interests. By creating Telegram polls and taking votes, you can produce more interesting content and attract more members as a result. It is a great way to engage with your audience. In this article, we have discussed how to create polls on Telegram. If this article was useful for you in using the Telegram poll, we would be happy to leave a comment for us.

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