10 Reasons To Choose Telegram

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Why we should choose Telegram messenger?

Telegram has made many sounds these days as new awesome features of this application are entering the market.

Are you looking for a new messaging application or want to change and switch to a new and better one?

Welcome to Telegram messenger, if you are in search of finding a great messaging application then we highly recommend you use Telegram.

My name is Jack Ricle from Telegram Adviser website and in this article, I want to show you the top 10 golden Telegram features.

Introduction To Telegram

Telegram has nearly a decade of history, started as a new and exciting messaging application to be an alternative to WhatsApp, and this emerging application now has become very famous and mature.

It’s interesting to know these statistics about Telegram.

  • Telegram was first introduced to the world in 2013 and has now become one of the most downloaded applications in the world
  • There are over 700 million users that are now using Telegram in their daily lives
  • It has been downloaded over a billion times and has become one of the most famous and popular messaging applications after WhatsApp
  • Telegram innovation features such as bots, multiple accounts, channels and groups, Telegram premium, and … are the major reasons for the growth and this huge popularity of Telegram

10 Reasons To Migrate To Telegram

What we recommend is reading this part of this article and seeing why Telegram has become so popular and is the best choice for you.

Telegram Accounts

1. Multiple Accounts

One of the best features of Telegram is that you can easily create three accounts with the same Telegram application.

  • Telegram let you create three accounts but using Telegram premium you can easily create 5 accounts using your phone number
  • There are many times that you need to have more than one account to separate your personal and professional life, this is where this feature becomes very practical

Creating multiple accounts is very simple, you just select creating a new account and then you can easily create your new Telegram account using your Telegram application.

2. Telegram Channels & Groups

Telegram has become a social media platform where you can keep in touch with others and use all useful information offered in the different Telegram channels and groups.

  • You can join channels from millions of channels on different topics that you love, there are many choices that you can select from them
  • Telegram groups are very practical in your daily life, you can join different groups and start sharing content and information

Imagine that you need to know more information about the real estate market, you can search inside Telegram and find a specific channel to join and get the information that you need.

Now, you can search and find a group on this topic, you can easily join the group and ask your questions, also you can learn about other people’s experiences.

  • As you can see channels and groups are very practical, you can use them for different reasons in your life, and this is one of those unique features of the Telegram

Best Telegram Bots

3. Telegram Bots

Bots are software that can be used in Telegram, this is a unique feature offered by Telegram.

  • Telegram bots are software that can become part of the Telegram
  • Imagine that you want to open your email while you are using and chatting on Telegram
  • There is a special bot for this that you can easily open and answer all your emails directly from Telegram

This was just an example that shows the importance of Telegram bots and their vast applications.

  • Telegram bots let you do anything you can imagine directly from Telegram, there are over 13k Telegram bots that you can easily use for your Telegram

4. Secret Chats

Are you looking for an application to let you send messages with full encryption and secretly?

Telegram secret chat is a service that provides you with this option, you can easily send messages securely inside Telegram.

  • It is a great choice, all messages are encrypted for both sender and receiver
  • Secret chat is very secure, these messages are not kept inside Telegram servers and all the messages are encrypted powerfully, nobody can see the messages except the sender and receiver

You can easily choose and receiver and from the top three dots of the person, you select secret chat and start it.

Fast Messenger

5. Fast & Secure

Being fast and secure is very important, sending flies very fast is very important and this is what Telegram is offering you.

  • Telegram lets you have a very safe and secure application using two-factor authentication and Telegram chats lock
  • Speed of the Telegram is what we recommend you test, this application is known as one of the fastest applications in the world

Say that you want to send a file to your professor using a messaging application, Telegram let you easily upload and send files very fast and with high quality.

6. Telegram Stickers

Telegram stickers make your chats very beautiful and engaging, there are many choices and stickers that you can use.

  • It is offering three-dimensional stickers, which is a unique feature offered by Telegram
  • There are thousands of stickers that you can choose from in different topics and sections

Stickers are great tools for making your chats interesting, there are different stickers for personal and business purposes and you can use them for your life and in your professional life.

7. Personalized User Interface

Do you love white background or a dark one?

  • Telegram has a very beautiful and sophisticated user interface
  • You can select colors and images that you love for your Telegram account
  • The telegram user interface has different sections and categories that you can easily use them

It has a sophisticated and ultra-modern user interface but it’s very friendly and easy to use, any person with even low skills can easily use Telegram.

  • If you are looking for an application with many options yet very simple to use then Telegram is the best choice

8. Send Files While Keeping Quality

This is the issue of many people when using messaging applications, sending files can be very hard and time-consuming, and the quality has always been an issue.

Watch Videos On Telegram

9. Watch Videos Online

Do you love watching videos right on the application that you are using?

  • Telegram let you watch videos high-quality right on your Telegram application
  • The speed and quality are very good and you can enjoy watching movies on Telegram

There aren’t many messaging applications that let you watch videos on that application and Telegram is the best choice for watching videos online.

10. Delete Messages Easily

Telegram let you easily delete messages for not sides without knowing the person that you are speaking with.

If you want to have this option to delete messages very fast and easily, Telegram is offering you this feature in its best way.

The Final Thoughts

There are many messaging applications in the world, some of them are better and have more features and a few of them are very superb and offer a quality that you can’t find anywhere else.

Telegram is one of the best messaging applications that you can choose and use for both your personal life and your professional life.

We love sharing experiences here at Telegram Adviser, please tell us about your experiences using Telegram.

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