How To Add Telegram Premium Accounts To Channel And Group?

Add Telegram Premium Accounts As Members To Channel And Group

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Fortunately, Telegram allows channel and group owners to manually add their premium Telegram members. This feature comes as a great advantage for those who want to curate their community and ensure that only selected individuals have access to exclusive content or discussions. By allowing the manual addition of premium members.

Adding Telegram Users Manually

Adding Telegram users is simple, however, there are some significant limitations: you can only add your contacts (friends, family, etc.) and you cannot add more than 200 persons. You can simply add them to your contact list.

All you need is the person’s phone number on your phone. Then, go to Channel Info > Add Members > Contacts. These folks will be subscribed to your channel when you confirm your actions. Sure, some of them can go immediately or later.

Your channel can only have 200 members. Please remember that the total number of members is limited to 200. If you already have 100 members (who joined via links rather than your invitation), you can only manually add 100 more. We apologize if you already have more than 200 members. This feature is not accessible to you.

Build Your Telegram Channel with Premium Members

Manually adding premium members is an excellent approach to getting your channel started. If you already have at least 200 members, rather than 10-15, it will be simpler to obtain organic users.

You can have the first 200 users in the channel in around 10-20 minutes. If you don’t have 200 Telegram contacts, make some. Add friends or family members of your friends, and so on. Just be cautious not to over-spam your pals; they cannot be appreciative after all.

How to add Telegram Premium Accounts as Members to channels and groups

Telegram Premium Members Adding Tricks

According to the vast majority of sources, the only method to grow the number of Telegram members and subscribers to your channel is to spend a considerable amount of money purchasing both fake and real Telegram users. However, by performing extensive research, we were able to identify a variety of techniques other than just spending your money:

Using the manual method will require a large time investment on your part. As a result, it is advised that you utilize the tool to add premium members in a timely way while also saving time.

#1 Telegram Group Member Adder Bot

Creating a Telegram group and introducing your products and services in it is one of the most successful ways to advertise your company on Telegram. You can bring together people who are linked to or interested in that field in the group you start. These are prospective clients for your company.

The more people who join your group or channel, the more people will become familiar with your products and services, increasing your sales.

That is why you must find a strategy to attract as many individuals as possible to your group. You can raise the size of your group in two ways:

  • Purchase Telegram Users

The first option is to purchase members for your organization. We do not suggest this strategy, however, because a large number of these users are false (even if some Telegram member-selling websites promise to add only actual members to your group).

  • Add Members from Another Group to Your Own

The second way is to search Telegram for groups connected to your company industry and invite their members to your group. To do so, first extract the members of the target group, and then add them to your group.

We advocate the second technique since all premium members added this way are genuine and linked to your business field, lowering the danger of your group being reported.

#2 Telegram multiple account

It is easy to add more than 200 new members by using multiple Telegram accounts. There is software available, such as TexSender, that allows you to utilize several Telegram accounts (in rotation) to add more than 200 users to a channel or group that you manage.

All you have to do when using TexSender is import the list of members (usernames list) that you wish to add and then click the Start Invite box. Following that, you’ll be able to choose any or all of your Telegram accounts to utilize for this activity. With each account you join, you can add up to 50 users to your channel or group. This implies that if you add 20 accounts, you will be able to add up to 1000 users.

#3 Group scraper

If you don’t have a list of Telegram premium members or usernames to add to your channel or group and don’t want to manually add them, you can use the Group Scraper module to scrape members from other groups, such as the group that your rivals use.

No Member Limits

The important thing about Telegram channels is that there are no true membership limits. We know of several channels with more than 3 million users, and we believe this is not the maximum. You can quickly start your Telegram company by using one of our techniques for adding users. Of course, you can forgo both strategies and focus just on channel advertising, Facebook advertising, and cross-promotion. However, none of these methods will result in a quick channel enhancement. Furthermore, it can take months before you begin to learn how to market channels effectively.

add Telegram Premium Accounts as Members to channel and group

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