How To Report Telegram User? [100% Worked]

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Report scammers on Telegram: Telegram is a popular messaging application, experiencing a very fast growth among the world’s most famous applications.

As the users grow inside the Telegram application, the worries about safety and security grow.

That’s why Telegram offers many security features to let people experience a very safe and secure place using this messenger.

My name is Jack Ricle from the Telegram Adviser team and in this article, we are going to speak about the Telegram reporting feature.

About Telegram Messenger

Do you know how to use Telegram messenger?

Telegram is a messaging application that became popular in recent years due to its features and characteristics.

This messenger is a very fast application and the speed of sending and receiving messages is great.

It is a very secure and safe application, unlike other social media applications in the world. You won’t hear about Telegram security breaches or hacking.

“Telegram reporting” feature, let users report others for different reasons.

That is an application for friends, family, and professional work.

Telegram Reporting

The Benefits Of Telegram Reporting Users Feature

Telegram reporting user feature lets the users report the people found to be spam or annoying.

As Telegram is growing, security becomes more and more important. Reporting users feature has the following benefits and advantages for the users of Telegram:

  • Limit the people who want to annoy other users of the Telegram
  • Let users have a very safe and secure environment inside the Telegram application
  • A lot of bad habits will be reported and removed, so the Telegram atmosphere will be energetic and positive
  • Let users have to sound and if there are things that bother them, let them remove them from their Telegram application
  • Creates a very Safe and secure application for the users of the Telegram

As the security of Telegram increases, this will help this application grow faster than before.

Now, let’s see how you can report Telegram users inside the Telegram application.

Telegram Adviser teaches you everything you need to know about Telegram, to grow your knowledge and use this application for your benefit.

How To Report Telegram User?

There are two ways to report users on Telegram.

One is through a Telegram channel/group and the other one is through email.

In this section of the article, We will discover both ways, to help you fully understand all the ways of the reporting user inside Telegram.

Reporting Telegram User In The Telegram Channel/Group

If you want to report a user who you find annoying in the Telegram channel/group, all you need to do is tap on the user’s name inside the Telegram channel/group and then select the report option.

Inside the report option, you will have different choices from spam to abusive behavior and many others.

Telegram Report Scammer

You can choose among these selections, or choose the “other” choice and write your reasons for reporting this user.

After sending the report, the moderator team of Telegram will do the rest.

They will search for your report and if you are correct.

The user which you reported will be limited inside the Telegram application.

If the user repeats its annoying behavior, It will be removed totally from the Telegram application.

Try to choose the right and best option for reporting.

This will help the moderator team of Telegram and will shorten the search process to limit the reported user.

Reporting Telegram Users Via Email

If you want to report a specific user for any reason, there is no option for that and the only way to do this is by sending an email to Telegram.

If you want to report a user in Telegram, email your explanations and reasons for reporting the user to this email address: “[email protected]

Write in short, simple, and easy-to-understand language and explain the reasons for reporting the user.

The moderator team of Telegram will do its job and if you are correct.

That user will be limited from using the Telegram features for a certain period.

If the reported user repeats her bad behavior, then he/she will be removed from Telegram.

Someone Reports Me On Telegram

What Will Happen When Someone Reports Me On Telegram?

If someone reported you on Telegram, the moderator team will search about your behavior inside Telegram.

If the report was correct, your account will become limited.

For the first time, you will be limited and can’t send messages to new people.

You can receive messages and answer the people, this limitation will be for a certain period.

If you keep on your bad behavior, then the limitation time will be longer and if repeated multiple times, then the Telegram may remove your account from the application.

We suggest you be respectful inside the Telegram application and never send messages to strangers, as they will find it spam and will report you as spam to the Telegram moderator team.

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The Bottom Line

In this article, we spoke about the security features of Telegram. The benefits of the Telegram reporting user feature, and how to report a user inside Telegram.

If you have any questions or need consultation or just want to place a new order. Please don’t hesitate to contact us right now.


1- How to report scam and spam on Telegram?

There are 2 methods that we described on this article.

2- Does it easy or not?

Yes sure, It’s so simple and takes couple minutes.

3- How Telegram behavior to scammers?

Telegram will get “Scam Label” to them or will remove their accounts.

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  1. wai yan phyoe says

    I have made a report, i hope they block the account

    1. Loyal says

      Did they?

  2. Karthik says

    My private photo leaked

  3. Luhan says

    Por qué no hay opción para denunciar a un lunático que me envía al pv contenido infantil sexualixado??

  4. MP says

    Doesn’t work. I have reported two scammers already, to [email protected]. I have not heard anything from them. I continue to be contacted by one of the scammers.
    Which shows that Telegram is not a safe place as this article claims!

  5. Alex says

    Some one is using my picture and asking for them to send money to Cash app and it is not

  6. alex says

    I would like to report my stolen phone with my Telegram business account.

    My account number is +966560565972. This account was stolen a month ago and the perpetuator is using it to ask for a deposit thru bank transfer from my clients.

    Clients are showing up to my work place showing their bank transfer receipts from the person who stole my phone.

    Please deactivate my account so nobody will become another victim of this fraud.

    Thank you.

    Alex Aba

  7. James says

    Telegram needs to add report or spam option on user’s profile. Using android phone. There is no report button anywhere and no way to report user. Many social media apps has that function.

  8. Mathias says

    Jetzt weiß ich immer noch nicht wie ich den Spam Kontakt melden kann.

  9. erkan says

    @Ad_Aitrader05 bu o.ç kripto vip sayfası adı altında dolandırıcılık yapıyır aman dikkatli olun genel sayfasının adı A.I Trader tuzağı buradan kuruyor aman dikkat edin .

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