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Do you plan to buy Telegram members? do you want to increase your subscribers in a short period?

Telegram messenger has been a lot of progress in a few years. It’s one of the most secure messengers that has ever been seen!

Telegram has many channels that each work for a specific purpose: business, entertainment, news, etc.

One of the important issues for Telegram users is to increase channel and group members.

When someone wants to join your channel or group.

Your current amount of members will draw attention and if you have a big channel, you have a bigger business and can sell ​​more products.

For this reason, many people decide to buy telegram subscribers and develop their businesses.

As we know that with the revolution of the world, we are getting into the hands of the advancement in the field of Science and Technology.

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We see that we are entering into a world where we have bigger risks to our privacy and security as compared to the previous world (or the world before the evolution of social media and the internet).

As we step into the world of social media, we see that we have surrounded ourselves with various applications and websites that we use to interact and communicate with other people around the world.

Buy Telegram Targeted Members

You know that it is very difficult to attract members. It takes a lot of time to gain the trust of members and convince them that your business is credible.

However, buying subscribers for business channels or groups is so common these days and many websites make money this way.

In this article, I’m going to talk about this topic and provide you with a comprehensive guide.

I’m jack ricke from Telegram Advertise team. Stay with me and send us your comments to provide better services on this website.

Having a good channel or group in Telegram with many members.

This means that you can attract more customers and make money from publishing advertising posts.

Many websites and companies will tell you “I can increase your members with a low price”. How to trust them?

Which methods are used for this purpose? which one is better for your business? there are many factors to consider before anything.

Different Ways To Increase Telegram Members

10 Free Methods To Increase Targeted Telegram Members

Social media is not just a tool for entertainment. They are also the best way to make money and develop personal business.

Wherever there is a larger audience, it’s the best place to market and provide services.

Telegram messenger which has become so popular these days is of the best social media to make money online.

One of the concerns for people who want to make money through Telegram or introduce their business and products is the number of members in their channel or group.

Not always more subscribers lead to more revenue! some channels make a lot of money with few members.

You should try to attract targeted and active members. Business channels need to sell more and entertainment channels can buy fake members to gain more fame.

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Here are 10 basic ways to increase targeted members:

  1. Set your goals and create the channel.
  2. Create a cool logo and set it for the profile picture.
  3. Publish high-quality content.
  4. Use a watermark for photos and videos.
  5. Get help from your users in producing content.
  6. Activity in groups that are related to your business.
  7. Link your channel to other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and …)
  8. Submit your channel in Telegram directories.
  9. Create a competition and give a gift.
  10. Invite site visitors to your Telegram channel.

Set your goals and create the channel

1- Set your goals and create a Telegram channel.

The first step to creating a Telegram channel for business is to know your purpose and your audience’s needs.

This is very important, when you choose a topic for a channel don’t change it in the future. for example, if your channel’s subject is health, you should not publish funny or political content, this will make the users unhappy and they will leave your channel.

Honesty will always grow your business and customers are looking to buy from reputable companies.

Create a cool logo

2- Create a cool logo for the channel.

Your logo will represent your brand. It’s the first thing that your audience will see on your channel. when you want to advertise on other channels and attract more members, your logo should be beautiful and colorful. don’t use other company logos and be creative. here is some website where you can download unique pictures to create a cool logo:


Create cool logo for telegram channel

3- Publish high-quality content.

Publish useful and attractive content that will encourage your users to forward and share them with their friends. entertainment channels publish content on every topic but business channels should focus on marketing and users’ needs.

If your channel has a dedicated topic, you should try to publish useful content for your users and make customers. people get tired of reading long texts. try to publish videos, photos, and voices instead of writing long texts. some smartphones’ screen is small and this makes it difficult for them to read your text contents.

According to personal experience, channels that produce videos and podcasts have more targeted users and fewer exit rates.

Use watermark for photos and videos

4- Use a watermark for photos and videos.

The most important thing to do is to customize your channel posts. be sure that your posts are useful and unique, and will be forwarded to others and this will increase your number of members. For this purpose use a watermark on your photos and videos and also say your channel name in every podcast. if you want to publish text content, write your Telegram channel ID (@ChanelName) at the end of the post and use emojis to get more attention.

Use watermark for photos and videos


5- Get help from your users in producing content.

Ask your users to produce content for your channel and write their full specifications in the post. choose a specific topic and ask your users what they think about it. they will send you many responses and you can send them to the channel. it will make them forward your posts (with the channel ID) to others. it will gain their trust in your Telegram channel too.

If you ask them in an audio file or podcast will get a better result, because subscribers usually have good communication with the voices. Remember that you have a business channel and your members can help to provide better products.

Activity on related groups

6- Activity on groups that are related to your business.

Find Telegram groups and super groups that are related to your ​​business and talk about your brand on them. share your top posts with channel id and ask them to join. if the group manager does not allow you to do this, try to have a close relationship with them and talk in private chat. share some of their posts on your channel and ask them to let you advertise.

You can also answer their question and send them to your channel to get more information. try to show yourself expert and capable of gaining their trust. try to introduce your business indirectly and don’t talk about your brand if that group has a limit for advertising. if you answered a question, point out that you have a related channel at the end. make sure you can refer many people to your Telegram channel and your number of members will increase.


Link your Telegram channel to other social networks

7- Link your Telegram channel to other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and …)

Link your Telegram channel to other social networks. For example, write your Telegram channel link on the Instagram bio and encourage them to join the channel and read your posts.

Try to link the Telegram channel address on every site where you have a profile. social networks will be very useful for developing your business and increasing brand credibility. 

Submit your Telegram channel in directories

8- Submit your Telegram channel in directories.

Telegram directory websites can help you to increase members, these websites have many categories for people who want to submit a channel and group. find your related category and sign up for free then submit your link and wait for the manager to approve.

sometimes you have to pay to submit a link, it’s usually a low price for example 3$ for each link. you can find these websites by searching on Google and finding the best. I listed some of them below:

Create a competition on channel and give a gift

9- Create a competition on the channel and give a prize.

One of the best methods to increase Telegram channel subscribers is to create a competition and ask members to join. Telegram poll is a great tool to count votes and identify the winner. I saw a competition on a Telegram channel with a “Best Photo” topic, during the competition many people joined the channel, and the post views average increased! In this match, anyone could send their picture to the channel admin, and most liked a photo by other members was the winner at the end.

Everyone was trying to get more views for their photo. So he had to send the channel link to his friends and ask them to join and like that photo. this competition with this theme is better for entertainment channels, not business ones. it doesn’t matter what your channel or group is about, suppose you have a Telegram channel with a guitar training topic, just ask members to play a song and send it to you then the most popular song according to likes or votes is a winner and give a prize. 

The important thing is that you have to set a special prize to encourage many users to join the competition. if you provide services or products, you can give one of your products or a discount code to the winner.

Send site visitors to telegram channel

10- Invite website visitors to your telegram channel.

Don’t provide all your services on the website and try to invite them to the Telegram channel, in this way you make them join a channel and use services that don’t exist on the website. you can also invite them to join the channel by sending emails and SMS to invite new website users to your Telegram channel, give them an offer, and for more information about your offer send them to the channel.

All types of paid Telegram members:

Paid Telegram members have 4 types:

  1. Telegram fake members.
  2. Telegram real members.
  3. Telegram offline (Silent) members.
  4. Telegram online (Active) members.

1- Telegram Fake Members:

All Telegram channels and groups have a reputation range, that depends on the number of people who have joined and it’s displayed on top of the channel and group for everyone. Telegram channels that have many subscribers can make a lot of money from advertising. for this purpose, many people want to create a channel that has to get a lot of members and they will do everything to grow their channel quickly.

At first, they decide to buy fake members at a low price. quality is not important to them, only quantity is the priority. people who want to advertise on a channel never just look at the number of members and will consider the post views too. if you have a channel or group and want to grow your business, be aware that fake subscribers are recognizable by users. but is it possible to have a popular channel with fake members?

When Telegram allowed users to register with virtual numbers, a fake member project started. before that “fake members” didn’t exist and all channels had real followers. when you publish a post on the channel, fake members won’t see your content so never feel grow in business with fake members. there are also some people who after buying fake members, want to make their channel look natural so try to increase post views with unreal methods. if a channel has 10,000 subscribers, it is natural to have at least 2,000 post views. for this reason, a channel that has completely unrealistic members has to physically visit its posts to make its members appear natural. to make their members look natural, they have to buy fake post-visits. fake members are “last seen a long time ago” and also haven’t profile pictures.

2- Telegram Real Members:

Real members are those who joined your channel or group at their discretion and can see your content. for example, if you have a Telegram channel with a forex topic, all followers who are interested in forex and trading are real. your goal should be to grow real members and develop your business in this way.

Advertising on related channels and groups is the best method to increase your customer, one of the best and free methods to promote your channel is a link (advertise post that includes your id) with your competitors or another one. if you want to buy real Telegram members should be careful and not waste your money.

Warning! There are many websites with the slogan of selling real members that may scam you. always choose the cheapest and smallest package in the first purchase then see the feedback. 

3- Telegram Offline (Silent) Members:

Offline members are the same as fake members but they are real accounts without any activity, which means they disabled your channel’s notification. These types of members are more useful than fake members because they may be activated at any time. Telegram offline subscribers have not registered with virtual numbers. 

4- Telegram Online (Active) Members:

Online members are subsets of real members. they are clients and active in Telegram messenger so if you create a poll, they will vote. the main goal is to increase active subscribers for the channels and groups but this process will be harder than other methods because you have to pay a lot of money to advertise and work hard to make them active followers and finally customers.

Telegram targeted members

What Are Telegram Targeted Members?

Targeted members are what you are looking for! if you have 10 targeted subscribers it’s better than millions of fake members because you can sell products and make money from targeted members but fake members never can grow your business and they can just boost your counter.

Usually, the visitors you invite from the website to the channel can become your targeted members because they liked your site content and now they have come to the channel. you need to have a strategy to attract targeted members. For example, by advertising on channels that have similar content, have a good chance of growing your business. 

How To Get Free Telegram Subscribers?

Free Telegram members are known as demos and trials that you can get to test their promotion services. Usually, they can provide you with 40 to 200 demo subscribers. remember that all trial members are offline and fake members and none of them deliver your online or real members! also, there are other methods to get free Telegram members as I know many applications that can add members for you for free, for this purpose you should create a Telegram account just for this process and then sign up for the application.

These programs work like and you can earn coins and spend them to get members for the channel and group. these applications are not made in English and are only for Persian, but you can use them with a little practice. the most popular app for earning free Telegram members is Salva Bot. The good news is that you can translate this app into the English language with the Google Translate android application. to do this follow these steps easily:

  1. Download and install google translate.
  2. Go to the ozvbazdidbegir app and click on the translate icon next to the screen.
  3. Change language to English and wait for apply.
  4. Done! you can use it now.

risks of buy Telegram members

Is There Any Risk In Buying Telegram Members?

Many users asked me, will my channel be closed after buying Telegram members? to answer this question we need to consider several factors:

1- If your channel is new, you should publish a few posts and then try to buy members. Because a new channel can get blocked after adding bulk members.

2- If you wanna buy bulk online members, it is possible to report your channel or group as spam. The solution is to try to add online and active subscribers slowly for example 1k in a week.

3- For shop channels, I suggest advertising and attracting targeted members. experience has proven that if a store channel buys many members online, most likely it will be reported and finally get closed.

Price For Buy Telegram Subscribers And Post Views

What Is The Price For Buy Telegram Subscribers, Post Views, Poll Votes, And Accounts?

According to our reviews, there is no stable price for Telegram promotion price. We decided to take the average and make a list. take a look at the below table:

[table id=1 /]

Payment methods for buy telegram followers

Payment Methods For Buy Telegram Boost Services

There are several payment methods to buy Telegram members and each one has its benefits. The most common payment methods are PayPal and Bitcoin but the question is which one is safe and better? PayPal is one of the best electronic payment companies worldwide and you can buy Telegram subscribers with a refund option. so if you won’t satisfied with the services, can refund the money and never buy from him! if you purchase through PayPal, less scam happens. other ways to buy Telegram subscribers are Ethereum, Skrill, Neteller, Western Union, Bitcoin Cash, and …

Bitcoin transactions are untraceable so I recommend using PayPal in your first buy, then you can make future purchases through Bitcoin.

Time to increase Telegram members

After Buying Telegram Members, How Long Does It Take To Complete The Order?

One of the questions you may be asking yourself is: how long it will take to receive my order? since many sites are active in selling telegram members, it’s better to get average. the processing time of each Telegram promotion service is different for example if you want to buy Telegram poll votes, should wait for more cause it’s hard to do.

[table id=2 /]

Everything you need to know about Telegram Members

Telegram is the application that has the cloud-based instant messaging phenomenon and has the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Telegram is available on Google Play Store (Android), App Store (iOS), Windows Store (Microsoft Windows), Macintosh OS, and Linux OS for free. It can make you send various kinds of pictures and messages through an end-to-end encrypted environment.

Telegram is open-source software that has its source code available for developers. They can look for and amend the mistakes so that it can work with the smooth flow. The source code is not yet published whereas the server-side of the Telegram application is encrypted and is a closed source with the proprietary rights as well. 

As we talked about Telegram’s instant messaging routine, it stated that it had almost 200 million users in March 2018. With its open-source software mechanism, it can be seen that privacy is at risk or can have various security issues because developers do not vow to work only in a positive way but, also go for the negative ones just for fun or to exploit someone’s privacy.

However, Telegram gives you the end-to-end encrypted environment (as we already have talked about) through which you can have the authorization to check whether your data has a secured environment and they do give you privacy as well but, it is available only for P2P (person to person) communication and not for groups or channels. Client-server communication also has an encrypted environment. The service provides end-to-end encryption for voice calls.


 In this article, we have fully talked about ways to increase targeted Telegram members. By buying targeted Telegram members, you can increase your visibility, attract a larger audience, and ultimately achieve your communication goals more effectively. When you have more subscribers, it shows that your content is interesting and engaging, which can lead to more views and followers. So, it’s better to look for real and active members for your channel. Because that’s how you can sell products and earn money. It is important to note that If you pay too much and get poor quality services, it’s a big mistake and maybe a huge financial loss.

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Some of these Pros and Cons are available in the article as well:

Pros of Telegram

  1. End-to-End encrypted environment.
  2. Send and receive text messages, documents, and images/videos.
  3. Introduction of Channel Subscription through which you can see your favorite celebrities and people around you who matter.


Cons of Telegram

  1. Bots (a concept to make sure people interact with anyone around them) that you cannot differentiate between whether it is a real person or a bot.
  2. Open Source Software.
  3. Cryptography that ruined the very concept of the instant messaging application.
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